Egypt’s state of despair

Source: Daily Times: By: S P Seth Mr Morsi needs to guard against becoming identified, like the fallen dictator Hosni Mubarak, as the symbol and personification of all that continues to be wrong with Egypt One would expect that the referendum on the draft constitution would usher in a new […]

Egypt: The Next India or the Next Pakistan?

NY Times: By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Three weeks ago, the prime minister of India appointed Syed Asif Ibrahim as the new director of India’s Intelligence Bureau, its domestic intelligence-gathering agency. Ibrahim is a Muslim. India is a predominantly Hindu country, but it is also the world’s third-largest Muslim nation. India’s greatest security […]

Egypt faces a ‘dark tunnel’

Source: Asia Times: By Victor Kotsev Egypt goes to the polls on Saturday in the first round of a referendum that will shape the future of the regime there and perhaps even the course of the Arab Spring in general. Amid continuing clashes and extraordinarily high tensions – including allegations […]

In Egypt, the amateurs are in charge

Story Summary The tumultuous road to a stable democratic system of government in Egypt is passing through one of its most decisive stages these days, with most of the main political actors revealing their amateurism more than anything else. The Muslim Brotherhood leaders who have spent much of the last […]

Egyptian Student Invents New Propulsion Method

Source: An Egyptian physics student has successfully created a new propulsion device that could accelerate space probes and artificial satellites through quantum physics and chemical reactions instead of the current radioactive-based jets and ordinary rocket engines. Aisha Mustafa, who has entered the active research area of spacecraft propulsion by […]

Arab history has been correcting itself

By Rami G. Khouri The Daily Star, Lebanon Well, reviewing events in Syria this week, I guess the unipolar world, the looming American century, and the end of history that were simultaneously announced by assorted American chauvinists and crackpots at the end of the Cold War around 1990 can be […]

Deaths in Egypt Clashes Rise to 11

Associated Press CAIRO—The number of people killed in clashes with Egyptian security forces in the wake of a deadly soccer riot rose to 11 on Saturday, according to a field doctor and a security official, as demonstrators in Cairo kept up their calls for an end to military rule and […]