Top French Sunni mufti embraces Shia Islam

French Sunni mufti Sheikh Sankoh Muhammadi embraces Shia Islam.

Top Sunni mufti and head of Sunni scholars in France Sheikh Sankoh Muhammadi has embraced Shia Islam after a visit to the holy city of Karbala in Iraq.

It is very unfortunate that I discovered Shia Islam only at the age of 68, Sheikh Sankoh said in a meeting with Shia scholar Sheikh Walid al-Baaj in Iraq.

He referred to Karbala and Imam Hussain (PBUH) (the third Shia Imam) as great discoveries saying that he had found the reality of Shia Islam and shall propagate it, Shiitenews reported.

Discovering Shia Islam has liberated my brain and senses, making me a free human being, Sheikh Sankoh said, adding that it was his duty to introduce it to those who have not seen its true reality.

The mufti also said he had found the true Islam by visiting the holy shrines of the Ahlul-Bayt (PBUH), the family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in Karbala.

The Ahlul-Bayt (PBUH) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have been concealed from the eyes of Muslims and I came to discover who they really were when I visited Karbala, Sheikh Sankoh said.

He also asked that Iraq’s senior Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani be informed of his embracing Shia Islam and plans to show its true reality to the world.

Originally from Cameroon, Sheikh Sankoh has been living in France for 43 years. He is the prayer leader and head of the Fatwa Center in France and is known for the high number of mosques he has built in the European country.


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  1. In Fact many peoples not search about different sects and opinions in Islam.There should be an open discussion facility to know the actual and true teaching of Islam.Now I suggest to 68 years old Sheikh Sankho to visit Jammat-E-Ahmaddiyya and explore the Real Islam before his death.

  2. If he thinks that Shiaism has freed his mind, he really should search further and read up on Ahmadiyyat.

    It’s like me – I was born a Shia (dawoodi bohra), and was not a practicing one, but, in the quest for the truth came across many religions whose representatives tried to convince me (oh, including my own birth one), that by following them, I would attain heaven.

    Fortunately, I was introduced to Ahmadiyyat by an Ahmadi friend and started reading as many books as I could lay my hands on, each of which while reading gave me utter spiritual relief and made me feel that all the questions and thoughts going on in my head were legitimate and there was nothing wrong with me for even thinking about them.

    But, what really impressed and convinced me was the response of our Muballigh of that time, in Nairobi. I finally asked him what he suggested I should do because, while I was quite convinced by all the arguments of Ahmadiyyat, I still could not make up my mind. Thinking he would, like all the other religious representatives that I’d met in the course of my search for the truth, tell me that if I followed his version I would go to heaven, his reply totally took me by surprise!

    He told me that he couldn’t help me in that direction, but, I should instead ask Allah for help by saying Tahajjud prayers and Istikhara and God would definitely answer my prayers.

    Well, it occurred to me at the time that he truly must be one very confident person to rely on God for his support and therefore quite true, too. But, all the same, I did do what he recommended for over a year and then met the fourth Khalifa (ru), who was visiting us at the time.

    This clinched matters and I had an overwhelming urgency to sign the bai’at form.

    Actually, what I lacked at the time was the courage to follow my convictions, which I now have in abundance, Alhamdulillah!

  3. Welcome to true Islam, please ignore the Ahmedi community we have them in London, they claim to converted from Shiaism or Sunnism, depending on the audience.

  4. The only true Islam is Islam.

    All sects were invented after the time of the Prophet (salllallahu alihi wasallam).

    Quran praises the muhajiroon and ansaar. Both were Muslims only.

    Twelver shiasm, ahmadiyyat, sufism and other sects are man made, not taught in the Quran

  5. Quran never mentions about the continuetion of ptophethood after prophet Mohammad pbuh… if anyone still believe in any prophet after Mohammad pbuh then it is not Islam…can any Ahmadi deny the fact that their leader claimed himself as prophet? Sometimes mehdi or sometimes other spritual being?after reading his books I am certain that he was even not sure about his claims dignity… for sure he must be the leader of all false self propagating prophets…

  6. After 1400 prophet Muhammad died, Islamic teaching has been contaminated with false hadith for decades, and Muslims have gone astray, create conflic and war among Muslims. Million Muslims become victims. Islamic teaching ( Al Quran plus Hadith) can not create a peaceful diciety anymore, therefore the world is waiting a new Prophet from Allah, Creator, as we see today, the world us getting worse not better,

    I support the idea of Ahmadiyyah, if Allah willing He can send a Holy Prophet.
    READ MORE: As I see Islam and Who Islam is?

    • @ Burhaan..
      Only Allah alone who know the truth of religion, butit seems to me that Ahmadiyyah bring peaceful religion to society, but extremist Muslims bring disaster on his followers and others.
      Which one is better? Think about it!

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