For hateful Pakistan, TV channel on interfaith harmony soon

Source: Express Tribune

ISLAMABAD: In a day and age where people in Pakistan have a choice from close to 100 public and private television channels, there are few there where one can turn to for greater interfaith harmony. To remedy this, the Minister of State for National Harmony intends to launch a television channel for that single purpose.

With the onset of Ramazan, most television channels will swap their regular programming schedules for one which is more tailored to the religious sensitivities of the majority Muslim demographic. However, the state owned and operated interfaith harmony channel has a single objective, promote peace, moderation and tolerance within the multiplicity of Pakistan’s society.

The Minister of State Akram Masih Gill Wednesday divulged details of the process to launch the television channel while addressing a “Peace Conference” organised by the National Commission for Interfaith Harmony and Human Rights Pakistan(NCIHP) at the Islamabad based National Press Club (NPC).

Minister of State stressed the need to promote moderation, tolerance and inter-faith harmony in order to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the society especially in the current national scenario.

Gill expressed his commitment to continue efforts aimed at promoting interfaith harmony and creating understanding and accommodation among different societies.

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5 replies

  1. Inshallah they will choose the real peace channel The muslim television Ahmadiyya for genuine promotion of true peace for pakistan , only then they will witness real peace and put an end to hate in that country , Ya allah guide them to find true peace and harmony by accepting the imam of the age Mirza ghulam Ahmad(as) and save their people and country from further distruction (amin)

  2. I Advise that Like the present Prime Minister of Pakistan said in his a press statement,The said Tv also express and copy, rather practically implement the Mottos of Jammat_E-Ahmaddiya to achieve the real success.



  3. I agree, Leila!!
    Long live Ahmadiyyat!
    MTA is the living sign of Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam reaching the corners of the world!

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