The 12 Biggest Myths About Stretching


Used to getting loose and limber before going on a run? It may be time to think twice about reaching for those toes. There’s a good chance we’re stretching out the wrong way or for the wrong reasons. It’s time to debunk the biggest stretching myths, so we can bend, flex, and stretch— the right way.

Stretching the Truth

1. Myth: Stretching prevents injury. 
Researchers are finding that stretching won’t necessarily prevent sitting out on the sidelines[1]. Injury is due to manyfactors, including poor technique, muscle imbalances, and not warming up properly. The upside: Greatist expert and trainer Kelvin Gary says the risk can be minimized by stretching regularly as part of a warm-up and cool down.
Truth: Injuries are complicated, but stretching may be one way to keep them at bay.

2. Myth: Stretching nixes soreness. 



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