Youth Bridging Religious Gaps with their Initiative in Pakistan

Source: Pakistan Christian Post

Lahore: May 29, 2012. (PCP) Bus Tour helping to bridge growing gaps among different religion’s youth in Pakistan by pointing out the commonalities of all faiths and by fostering interfaith understanding and cooperation, this program created an environment where religious factors are set aside and relationships and partnerships among diverse youth can develop for the peace and development in Pakistan.

On May 26, 2012 Interfaith Youth in Action/World Faith Pakistan and Youth Development Foundation organized bus tour to worship places in Lahore where 58 youth members from different religious and faiths have participated to advance interfaith relationship and cooperation.

The tour have provided unique experience and an opportunity to take a visit to worship places and learn more about the beliefs, practices and customs of local faith traditions and to explore local diversity for peace and harmony. Group has visited Churches, Mosque, Baha’i Temple, Hindu Mandir, Sikh Gurdwara in Lahore.

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  1. Visiting an Ahmadiyya Mosque might not make welcome news in Pakistan. Besides it seems to be a Government-sponsored exercise to indicate to the world that all is well in Pakistan. If it is not Govt.-sponsored then it at least indicates a reaction to the Mullahs high-handed approach to religion. That is something that I have been waiting for, for some time. Well, if not today then tomorrow. But the more they let the Mullah rule the weaker the country gets.

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