Modern Survivalism Tenet Number Five

Food is increasing in cost faster than just about any investment right now and certainly faster than the rate of inflation. It seems the media has become fascinated with people practicing the modern survival philosophy. Indeed I would say that disaster prep has become one of the topics de jour at the moment. As always though mainstream media is myopic and focused on one and only one segment of modern survivalism and for now it seems to be those who store food.

As the host of the survival podcast I have been approached by a lot of media lately and recently was approached by a producer from “The Today Show” about helping them with a segment. When the producer stated to me, “well we have already filmed one family and they had a huge pantry, I got what I needed from them,” I was done and politely choose not to be involved. A few weeks later the actual piece aired and after viewing it I am very glad that my name and brand will never be associated with it, you can view the segment on the NBC Website here. Make sure to watch the end when they sample a bit of the poppy seed cake.

One thing you never hear mentioned in any of these media segments about preppers storing food is the investment value the food represents in today’s marketplace. In a recent LA Times Article a simple list of foods used in most American homes posted an 11% return on 16 common grocery items between 2007 and 2008. This trend of rising food prices has continued at the consumer level right on into 2009 despite drops in other commodities like oil. Compare that to the performance of stocks, mutual funds and other common investments from 2007–2009.

The key with storing food is you don’t run out and just buy 50 cases of military style rations and put them away for a decade in a basement. Instead modern survival philosophy revolves around the mantra of “eat what you store and store what you eat.” When you follow that concept you soon realize that storing food for the most part doesn’t cost a dime more then you will spend anyway.

Food Storage Rule One – Store What You Eat


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