King thanks victims’ kin for pardon


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah received a number of people who pardoned killers of their family members at his palace here yesterday.

In a unique humanitarian gesture on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the king’s accession to the throne, family members of 13 victims came from various regions of the Kingdom to announce their forgiveness to the murderers. They told King Abdullah that they have taken the decision with the sole purpose of winning the pleasure of God, and that was in response to a request made by the king.

King Abdullah expressed happiness over the noble deed of the victims’ family members. “Dear brothers, this is your fortune, and the fortune of Saudi people among whom there are many who are generous and who realize their moral and religious obligations. Praise be to Allah, this forgiveness is never an easy one,” he said. The king thanked them for their great humanitarian initiative. Several princes, ministers and high-ranking officials attended the ceremony. They included Defense Minister Prince Salman, Deputy Foreign Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, Assistant Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, Prince Bandar bin Salman, Bandar bin Salman bin Muhammad, adviser of King Abdullah, and royal court advisers Sheikh Nasser Al-Sheshri, Sheikh Abdullah bin Munie and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Motlaq. The king also hosted a lunch for them.

At the reception, Ali bin Ahmad Al-Maliki said while addressing the king: “There are many noble people who gathered here to greet you and renew their loyalty on the occasion of your accession to the throne. They came to announce their forgiveness to killers of their sons and fathers, seeking the pleasure of God, and as a token of honor for you,” he said.

A total of 13 family members were present to pardon those who killed their sons, fathers and brothers. The first one who came forward to announce forgiveness was Abdul Aziz Al-Anzi, who pardoned Maher Al-Alawi for killing his son Ahmad. Hamad Al-Nazawi and Salem Al-Subaie pardoned Rayyan Abu Eisa and Salem Al-Subaie respectively for killing their sons Sami and Fayez. Sanad Al-Suwaidi, Hassan Al-Tulaidi, Babakar Suleiman pardoned Basil Al-Rajih, Mufreh Al-Tulaidi and Nasser Al-Qahtani respectively for killing their sons. Turki Al-Anzi pardoned Dahi Al-Anzi for killing his father Shayeh Al-Anzi. Mousa Al-Saleh, Khaled Al-Shahrani, Hassan Al-Qahtani, Turki Al-Harbi and Ali bin Abdu pardoned killers of their brothers. Muhammad bin Olayyan Al-Hadli, who was convicted in the death of his younger brother Kamal bin Abdu, when his car ran over him, was also pardoned.

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NOTE BY THE EDITOR: This is indeed a difference between ‘Islamic justice’ and ‘Western justice’ that the victims have the option of giving a pardon (or not).

King thanks victims’ kin for pardon

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