Pakistan: Another Ahmadiyya mosque defiled and damaged at the hands of Punjab Police

Ahmadiyya Times: By Imran Jattala:  While police in Hyderabad, India were busy defending the Ahmadiyya Muslim properties attacked and forcibly occupied by an Islamist militant mob, across the border in Pakistan, the Punjab Police too returned to Ahmadiyya Baituz Zikr in Gharri Shaho, Lahore, the scene of the 2010 terrorist attacks.

In India, in a town near Hyderabd, building of a minaret at an Ahmadī mosque excited the local Mulsim militants who did not approve of the Ahmadiyya mosque looking too much like a mosque.

In Pakistan, the motive of the Punjab police to visit Baituz Zikr in Lahore , however, was drastically different from their counterparts in India, it was reported in the social media.

According to Mr. Saleemud Din, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community representative in Pakistan, the Punjab police came to Baituz Zikr to remove or cover up Kalima, the Islamic creed, from the Ahmadiyya facilities which Ahmadis profess as part of their faith.

Reportedly some Militant Muslim clerics in Pakistan were up in arms over the Islamic creed being visible through the cracks between wooden planks previously installed by the police to hide the Kalima writings on the Ahmadiyya mosque and threatened street action.


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  1. Shahbaz Shareef and his police seem to have nothing better to do than removing God’s and Prophet’s name wherever it is visible even through cracks in the planks. They are inviting God’s wrath.

  2. All such painful sorry state of affairs makes me recall once Maulvis forced local policemen to accompany them for similar “islamic service” of demolishing Kalema-e-Tiyyba from the face of an Ahmadi place of worship.The young volunteers safeguarding their Darul Zikr said to policemen they will not tolerate Maulvis entering their Worship of God House.The Policemen did not like to do such a bad act by their hands.But to comply Mullah wishes, the police brought in the local Christian sweepers. Will you believe the sweepers said they will not remove the first part of the Kalema but would gladly do the act of removing the second part of the Kalema and they did it happily in compliance with the wishes of the Mullah of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Innalillah…

  3. Nawaz League is desperate & this is their re-election strategy .
    But they must remember that no Paki leader has come back to power after using/misusing Ahmadis for political gains.
    Remember Daultana, Zulfi Bhutto & Zia. Shahbaz Sharif is waiting.

  4. How can one call themselves muslims by clearing the Kalima? Surely calling for the wrath of Allah.

  5. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Laqad khalaqnal insaanaa fi ahsan_a_taqweem____Thuma radadnaaho asfalasafileen.
    We fashioned man in the best of creation, (Like prophets of Allah) then we rejected him to the lowest retched mean form (lower than animal kingdom lowest status as of pigs and monkeys.
    Calling the wrath of Allah ( the punjab police, its government and so called its Mullahs.
    Zarif Ahmad

  6. Mullahs don’t deserve to be called a Muslim, they didn’t even care about the sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH), who has already forbidden us from doing this all.
    Mullah are doing nothing, but challenging Al-mighty Allah directly.

    Govt. is really trying to be oversmart, this act isn’t doable without its intentians.

    I didn’t find any Ahmadi protesting against such act, even I din’t find anyone doing it aginst May 2010’s brutal act. Ahmaddies are peacelovers, brotherhood believer and true Muslims. They don’t beg to Govt. or agencies like Mullah.

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