West has betrayed Christianity, Russia will save it – Orthodox Church official

Russian TV: Countries of the “Russian world” are capable of changing the globe within ten years, believes top cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church Vsevolod Chaplin.

By the “Russian world” he means states with a historically strong tradition of Orthodox Christianity which, apart from Russia, include Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Romania and several others.

“Our Orthodox civilization may not be that large, but today it has a key role in the world as it knows how to find a way to a better life for the whole world and especially Europe,” Chaplin said on Monday during a videoconference between Moscow, Kiev and Minsk.

The West has betrayed the ideals of Christianity, which Emperors Constantine and Justinian merged with Roman law, Chaplin says. In his opinion, the Europe, which was based on these principles, no longer exists.


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  1. Interestingly, the picture in the original news reminds one more of Islam than Christianity, if one lives in the West:

    The article itself mentions that administrative skills came from the Roman Empire, I know, financial system, in the West, is based on interest, hence not Christian or Biblical. Science came from the Muslim Empire and concept of One God (pure Monotheism) comes from Judaism and Islam. It is hard to imagine or conceptualize a Triune God, or dual nature of Jesus, without creating idols in our mind! When only Christians were allowed to survive in the West, with the exception of Jewish minorities, all goodness was attributed to Christianity, which in fact made only limited contributions to the Western civilization.

    Try our site, Islam for the West for more details.

  2. In Jordan I have noticed that my Orthodox Christian personal driver was observing ‘lent’ much more strictly then I have ever noticed among Catholics or Protestants in Western Europe. So, yes, may be the author of this article is correct.
    (Also churches are more full of Christians in Arab countries than in Europe)…

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