“And as for those who strive in Our path-We will surely guide them in Our ways. And verily Allah is with those who do good”.(Al Qur’an~29:70)

I can never forget the story of Ibrahim Saheb. He was from Kerala state of India. He worked as a Computer Programmer in the same Company Al-Zamil, in which I was too working during those days in Saudi Arabia. He was a very cool, soft spoken, pious, gentle and tall bearded guy. He became my friend. At that time my job responsibilities were very less. I had enough leisure hours even during duty hours. So, I used to go to his Office, sit together and talk. One day I noticed that he had kept three copies of Holy Qur’an translated in English by three different translators. I asked him the reason of keeping three copies. He replied that he likes comparing the meanings and interpretations of certain verses by different translators and interpreters just with the interest to find out which one is more rational and reasoning. The translations available with him were by, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Moulana Abul Ala Moududi and someone with the title Taqi (His first name no more in my memory). I liked his idea and had the perception that Mr. Ibrahim is a man of clear heart, who is in quest of the truth. So, that was an opportunity for me to try my luck. I started discussing with him. Gradually this process progressed.

I avoided raising any issue that may eventually put him in doubt about me of being an Ahmadi, because that was Saudi Arabia. Rather I discussed topics like the creation of Adam, the story of the status of Iblis, what is Paradise and what is Hell, what is meant by Wadi-e-Namal ( the valley of ants), Hadrat Yousuf AS’s intention, the fact of prostrate by his brothers in front of him, the story of Hadrat Solomon and Queen of Saba, who was the wise man with whom Hadrat Moses beg to accompany in his journey, what is real concept of ‘jinn’… etc.  etc. These discussions continued for around a year, which indicated that the person was extremely patient. Ibrahim Saheb never complained or argued. He only listened and tried to understand like a sincere learner. He became like my disciple. But yet I was compelled not to give him any hint, which can lead him to doubt about my Jamaat. Every day I used to go through Tafseer Kabeer, that I kept with me very secretly, and select a particular topic, try to memorize the contents and tried to dumbfound him with those wisdoms. That is to say the magic of Tafseer-e-Kabeer by Hadrath Musleh Moud RA was actually doing the magic. The story of our friendship became a talking issue in the friends circle within our Company. Though he belonged to Jamaat-e-Islami group and had his study in an Institute run by Jamaat-e-Islami Organization in Kerala, he started disliking the concepts of Maulan Moududi, and expressed that the interpretations by Moududi were wrong, irrational and unrealistic.

After around a year, one day he asked me about the continuity of Revelations. I tried to convincingly satisfy him with my answer. That was our last discussion. As usual we returned to our camp finishing our duties went to the playground, played soccer. As usual before Maghreb Adhan, we both sat under a tree to dry up our sweats. Suddenly Ibrahim Saheb told me, “Khalid Saheb, I can tell you who you are!!!”. I was surprised. I said “ IJTANEBUJ’ ZANNI”. He told, “ I am not in any doubt regarding you”. I said, “WALA TAJAS’SASU”. He replied, “Khalid Saheb, I am not a spy”. I was help less. I said, “OK.You say what is in your mind”. He quickly replied, “ Khalid Saheb, you are an Ahmadi!!!”. Earth below my feet was going down. The one had dumfounded me to whom I was dumbfounding for last one year!!!!!. I thought in the speed of lightening to avoid him doubt more. I thought if I rejected at once and later he came to know about my status, then he will be having a negative impression about my Jamaat, that Khalid, pretending to be a such perfect person told a lie…and if I accepted his view, then I may be in trouble. I said, “Ibrahim Saheb, In this country one is not free to express his heart. So I neither reject your view regarding me nor do I accept your view right now. I only want to request you to pay respect to the good faith and never to disclose to anybody your view regarding me”. Then he left for Mosque to offer Maghreb salat and I went to my room to offer my Maghreb salat as usual lonely.

From next day I avoided to meet him as I was little bit scared. Around a week later, he came to my room and asked me why I was not meeting him and he missed me. I told that I was busy. This was a white lie I told him deliberately for the first time out of compulsion. But, what he said in turn dumfounded me. He said, “Khalid sahib….since last one week I could not sleep….whenever I tried to close my eyes I hear a voice addressing me, ‘ Ibrahim…you have to accept Ahmadiyyat immediately; I have lost peace of mind. I am restless. Please make me an Ahmadi! Khalid Saheb!”  That moment was one of the most glorious moments of my life. I can never forget.

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  1. Thank you for this great story. We all can learn from it. We do not need to ‘go straight to the end of the story’ and talk directly about Imam Mahdi. Let us speak about ‘our’ interpretation of different points and no doubt they are superior in all respects.

  2. It is indeed a very inspiring story. In fact, in the traditional way, once you start arguing, the concerned person turns defensive and would for all practical purposes close his eyes and ears. He will have a thousand arguments to reject your logic, and you cannot possibly make him see your points. It is therefore appropriate to do tabligh in a subtle way over a period of time, issue-by-issue and point-by-point, before he can begin seeing reasons. The story teaches us to modify our approach to tabligh and go slow, explaining each concept painstakingly before declaring your beliefs openly. Jazakallah for sharing.

  3. This is quite a moving story. Pray that Allah will continue to guide us aright at all times. Ameen.

  4. I totally agreed with Rafiq A. Tschannen saheb. a great inspirational story of recent times.

  5. Salaam Dear Khalid Sb, Could you please let us/me know who this Ibrahim Sb of Kerala is. If you are in touch with him I would like to have his mail id. Since I’m from a place near Kerala.

  6. Salam Alaykum to all.
    Jazak’Allah Rafiq A. Tschannen saheb, Syed Zafar Ahmad saheb,Abdullah saheb, jaki Ahamad saheb and brother Shahid Bangalore saheb…Jazak’Allah to all for your nice comments.
    Dear Shahid Bangalore saheb, I am sorry to say that, I have no contact with Ibrahim saheb since more than last ten years. Just after he became extremely restless to accept Ahmadiyyat, I consulted with the then National Amir saheb of Saudi Arabia in the contexts of security concerns for Ahmadis living in that country. With Amir saheb’s permission and consent, Ibrahim saheb accepted Ahmadiyyat there. Once he became an Ahmadi, at once, he stopped going to the mosques to offer salah as he was convinced in his heart that offering salahs behind the non-Ahmadi Imams were futile. Once a regular mosque goer’s sudden disappearance from mosques created suspicions in minds of other co-workers and among his intimate friends. They disturbed him too much and kept on asking him about his changed behavior. I advised him to be tactful. But he was so strong in his faith, that, he told me he only concerned for love/wrath of God and least bothered about human beings. He was very intelligent so he kept total silence and did not reply anybody. When things became worse he thought it was wiser to leave Saudi Arabia for the sake of Ahmadiyyat. He resigned from the company after 3/4 weeks of acceptance of Ahmadiyyat and left for India. Then afterwards I was not able to contact him anymore.

  7. Jammat-E-Ahmadyya point of view is no doubt the point of view that proves all Ayah-E-Qur’ani and all Ahadeeths of Muhammad ( S.A.W )about Imam Al-Mehdi and Promised Messiah true and fulfilled on the exact time. Jammat-E-Ahmadyya believes in a live and active God ( The Al-Mighty Allah ). The message of Jammat-E-Ahmadyya is full of hope.Our other Muslim brothers are disappointed.I give message of Love and peace of The Jammat-E-Ahmadiyya to all Human-beings including our Non-Ahmadi Muslim brothers to join hand to spread our Motto 1- ” Love For All Hatred For None”
    2- ” Humanity First”

  8. Assalamu Alaikum w.w
    Jazakallah Khalid sb. for posting this real story.

  9. Wa Alaykum Salam Janab U.Inamullah Saheb.
    Jazak’Allah for your kind comment.
    And Jazak’Allah janab Mina Khan saheb also for your nice comment.

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