‘Sister Wives,’ Mormon Reality Show, Launches Its Third Season

Huff Post

With Gov. Romney the clear favorite to win the Republican nomination, the question of a Mormon president in the White House will be a hot topic this election season. One of the most prominent displays of Mormonism is TLC’s popular reality show “Sister Wives,” in which an openly polygamist Mormon family shares their life and faith with the world.

While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has officially rejected polygamy, the Brown family openly continues with the practice.

“Well, we’re abiding by it because we believe the ancients used to,” Kody Brown, the 44 year old father of 17 children and husband to four wives told The Huffingtonpost in a phone interview. “I mean all the cool guys in the Old Testament had more than one wife. It didn’t make them righteous. They had to be righteous in spite of it.”

Sister Wives


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  1. may be it would be worthwhile to make a comparison between Mormon and Islamic forms of polygamy. At first sight it would seem that among Mormons there are more ‘inter-wives-relationships’ than among Muslims. Just wondering…

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