The demand for blood donors in Mauritius is rising as concerns over low blood banks continue


The demand for blood in Mauritius has been rising every year as fears of critically low blood banks, yet less people are donating with many people not knowing there blood type. With strong concerns of blood shortages of rare blood, group O negative. The Mauritius Blood Donor Association has warned that scarcity is being felt in the country and that in order to keep up with demand 97 per cent the population will depend on the other 2.5% who contribute blood, which is of “critical” concern.

Subhanand Seegoolam, President of Mauritius Blood Donors Association articulated to the Africa Review that medical progress has guided a rise in procedures that use blood, including coronary artery bypasses, organ transplants, cancer treatments and childbirth complications. “It depends on which type of blood we are looking for, it depends mainly on the demand by hospitals for surgical procedures, pregnant women, cancer patients and car accidents. Many Mauritians don’t know there blood group and do not donate blood making the issues worse for supply,” he said. “Demand for blood has increased from 20,000 pints to 50, 000 pints over the last 20 years .We need it for transfusions, cancer patients and with road accidents which cause a concern this is why we need so much blood; with 50,000 Pints a year this would make is feasible to supply the demand” “The thing is in any country around the world if 5 per cent of your population gives blood it is not a problem, but here we have only 2.5 per cent donating blood,” he added.


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