Koran handouts in Germany: Freedom of religion vs. fears of Muslim extremism

Russian TV: One of the most radical Muslim confessions is on an aggressive campaign of preaching ultra-conservative Islam in Germany. Protected by the freedom of religion act, they spread a message that raises concerns within German society.

The Salafist community in Germany organized a campaign with long-term goal to put no fewer than 25 million copies of the Koran into German homes. Over 300,000 copies have already been handed out from over 100 special booths across most parts of Germany.

Tolerant Germans do not object to the distribution given that if the Bible can be distributed, the Koran should be subject to the same conditions. For them, afternoon namaz prayer on the sidewalk in central Berlin has become something not out of the ordinary.

It is not the matter of how the Koran is being distributed, but rather who is behind the distribution.

The group behind the Koran distribution in Germany is the radical Salafist Muslim “True Religion” network led by Palestinian preacher Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, one of Germany’s most-influential Salafist leaders, who has already been charged in Cologne with inciting the public to commit illegal acts.


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