Why is this man spreading the message of Islam in Tramways?

Credit.  BILD newspaper Berlin via Zafrallah Khan of Germany

Imam Basit Tariq of Berlin

Berlin – Even against opposition Imam Abdul Basit Tariq (56) opened in 2008 the first mosque in eastern Berlin. Today, four years later, the Imam of the small Ahmadiyya community in Heinersdorf is creating excitement again.The Imam was sucessful in displaying in Berlin Tramways 240 posters with three verses of the Koran displayed on them. The messages of the Prophet Mohammed(saw), mainly deal with the role of women. Example: “The best among you is the one who treats his wife is best.”


The preacher wants to combat prejudice, such as the topic of forced marriages and hate speeches which people now consider as the part of the Islamic faith: “I do not like, that Islam is always equated with oppression of women. I want to make clear that it is un-Islamic, to keep his wife or daughter away from education. Those outside the pale of Islam  should know that. ”

Berlin Integration Commissioner Guenter Piening (60) reacts cautiously to the posters: “It’s not new to promote religious communities. Perhaps it is a process of normalization, if there are now also Islamic posters. “Dilek Kolat Senator integration (45, SPD) states that Islam now wants to express itself. The Catholic Bishop Matthew Henry (57) stated: “I like it when someone wants to present his faith and educate outsiders. For it would be wrong that Islam should only be represented by radical representatives. I believe and hope that this action is understood in this sense”.

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  1. Imam Basit Tariq is considered one of the most active and enthusiastic preacher of Islam Ahamdiyyat in Germany. Well done basit Tariq Sahib. Keep it up. Almighty is always with you.

  2. I salute him for his efforts. God Bless him. abundantly for he is showing the real face of Islam that has been marred and concealed by the ill practice and speech of radical mullahs of today.

    He is sure doing a great service to humanity.

  3. What a wonderful news article. God Bless Imam Basit Sahab. Next time, please do not go for literal Google translation.

  4. Thanks Mr Rafik probably MS Humaira will now be bit satisfied with polished translation.

  5. This is great news! He truly has guts and is being guided by the Almighty. May He bless him and give him strength, Ameen. I’m so glad that his actions are undoing reputation the Mullahs have given to Islam.

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