Geert Wilders: Asks Muslims to Leave Islam, When Will He Leave America? PVV leader Geert Wilders has called on Muslims throughout the world to leave Islam. He made his call in a speech in New York, to promote his English-language book Marked for Death.

Wilders claims that his book explains that Islam is a “totalitarian ideology” and is an encouragement to freedom-loving Muslims to turn their back on Islam. “I support those who fight for freedom in the Islamic world completely. The Arab, Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani and Indonesian peoples have enormous potential. If they could free themselves of the yoke of Islam, if they could stop seeing Mohamed as their role model and if they could break away from the rancorous Koran, then they could achieve amazing things,” Wilders said in his speech.

With reporters, Wilders went into the political situation in the Netherlands last week when he caused the collapse of government by pulling out of the budget negotiations with the conservatives (VVD) and Christian democrats (CDA). Wilders calls this a difficult decision, but says he had no other choice.

”We are now concentrating on elections on 12 September. Our campaign will be on the need to revive our national sovereignty, as without this we cannot defend our identity and fight against Islamisation.” Wilders said he was not planning to move to the United States. “I am really staying in the Netherlands and will campaign for the elections with very much enthusiasm and very much good sense,” he said yesterday on Radio 1.


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  1. Islam may be equated to communism if and only if Islam promoted forced belief. Yet Islam emphasizes on voluntary belief and, therefore, is a religion. Wilders is trying to use apostasy non-existent punishment to further the argument that Islam shoves itself down people’s throats.

    My suggestion is we should show Islam is a religion that inculcates voluntary sacrifice and that is what makes it a religion and not like communism.

  2. ”We are now concentrating on elections on 12 September.” Wilder said.
    Actually Wilder want to achieve election hook or by crook.This is nothing but politicizing of Religion. When ever Religion is politicized it is misused one way or the others. Wilder is doing same as Mullahs or Fundamentalists doing in Pakistan and in some other Islamic countries.He wants to take political millage by blaming the Peace loving Islam. He is pointing towards the few miss-guided extremists but ignoring the true teachings of Islam as Jammat-E-Ahmadiyya presenting.
    Wilder game is Mullah of West Vs Mullah Of East
    or Fundamentalist of West Vs Fundamentalist of East i,e Evil Vs Evil
    Islam, however, is a peaceful religion that teaches us not to use evil to fight evil.

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