Harvard, MIT Launch Online-Education Project

Harvard University Canteen

MIT President Susan Hockfield and Harvard University President Drew Faust, accompanied by top officials from both institutions, announced on Wednesday a new collaboration that will unite the Cambridge-based universities in an ambitious new partnership to deliver online education to learners anywhere in the world.
The new venture, called edX, will provide interactive classes from both Harvard and MIT — for free — to anyone in the world with an Internet connection. But a key goal of the project, Faust said, is “to enhance the educational experience of students who study in our classrooms and laboratories.”   Read further in MIT News.

Editor’s comments: This has been called a major democratization of education. Eventually education can be completely free for all, freely available online.

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  2. As a continuing education provider via AIM- American Institute of Management ( and a few other areas) I am delighted to see this refreshing approach.

    On reflecting on the most Book of Knowledge granted FREE by Allah, I am of the opinion that education should be FREE or at least not geared to “profiteering” as we sometimes see.

    “Acquire knowledge and dispense the knowledge” exhortation by Hazrat Muhammad (swas) does not seem to entail a notion of money making.

  3. Havard MIT onlone course , www link to released in the fall of this year.

    Good. May one request you to notify us, please.

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