R&D neglected in Muslim countries

Abu Rayhan Al Biruni


A doctor at King Saud University said yesterday that from 700 to 1700, the Muslim world produced many of history’s finest scientists and technologists.

Sultan Meo said that although the light of knowledge had largely been extinguished from the Muslim world, it survived, and indeed flourished, elsewhere.

Meo was talking at the concluding session of the five-day Saudi International Medical Education Conference (SIMEC2012) organized by the College of Medicine at Imam University in Riyadh.

In his presentation on science and medical education in the Muslim world, Meo said the Muslim world has a vast geographical spread of approximately 1.27 billion people. In the Muslim world, most countries have significant natural resources.

He said annual spending on science, research and development in Muslim countries is 0.2 percent of the gross national product, with only a few Muslim countries shifting toward a culture of scientific knowledge, and adopting new tools of science and technology in general and medical education in particular.

He claimed that in the Muslim world biomedical and medical education journals are substantially less in number compared to those produced by universities in other countries and many of these journals do not have online access or indexed in major bibliographical databases.

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  1. The Muslim world produced great scientists from 700 to 1700. – I would like to understand a bit more what happened around 1700 that this ‘production of scientists’ stopped. – Does anyone have some good lead articles that could educate me in that respect?

    • The Ottomans banned the printing press in AD 1500 and it was not allowed for at least 250 years. I may be a bit off on dates but that is perhaps the single most important event which dug the grave of Muslim civilization. Another book by Bernard Lewis, an orientalist, not very friendly to Islam titled ” what went wrong” is worth reading, even if we do not like all the facts.

  2. Inventions and Trade By Struan Reid

    Authors tends to attribute it to Spanish inquisition, but this is dangerous as it leads to criminalization of victimhood mentality. Instead our folks need to posses progressive thinking and constructive behavior. We hardly see any ‘muslim’ country possesing such character today. They are way too busy in their ‘jehad’ against ‘kafir’ countries. Or lets say immigrants from these countries. Instead muslims from secular countries seem to have a fair chance at this.

    • Yes, the Spanish Inquisition must have been quite a shock, but in a way a ‘localized’ one. It touched only the Spanish Arab Empire, but not ‘the Center of Islam’ such as Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Makkah, Madinah, nor Persia or Muslim-India, nor the Ottoman empire…

      Therefore there must be other reasons for the scientific decline.

      May after the Nobel Price winner in physics Dr. Abdus Salam scientific progress among Muslims be returning to its past glory! Amin.

  3. Dear Brother Rafiq A. Tschannen – Especially for you !


    Muslim Downfall in Spain – similarities with Pakistan – Superior Role of Ahmadiyya Caliphs


    It is not the right spot to discuss a detailed account of history – however, in as much brief as possible; the following:-

    (A) – Chronology of Spanish Inquisition: it started in 1391 and ended in 2000 AD

    1391- First national uprising vs. Jews in Spain.

    1478- Holy Office is founded, because of Ferdinand and Isabella’s marriage. The Spanish Inquisition is reluctantly authorized by Pope Sixtus IV, at the request of the Spanish rulers, Ferdinand and Isabella, and it was first led by Tomas de Torquemada.

    1483- Tomas de Torquemada became the inquisitor-general for most of Spain. He was responsible for establishing the rules of the inquisitorial procedure and creating branches in various cities. He was the leader of the Spanish I inquisition for fifteen years, and might be responsible for the killing of around 2,000 Spaniards.

    1492- Expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain.

    1540- The Spanish Inquisition turned its fire on the Protestants in Spain in an attempt to bring together the nation.

    1542- Roman Inquisition starts.

    1547- Jacques Govet is tortured and beheaded.

    1553- Michael Servetus is burned at stake.

    1633- Galileo’s trial

    1808- The Spanish Inquisition is suppressed by Napoleon.

    1834- The Spanish Inquisition finally ends.

    1908- Inquisition becomes Holy Office.

    1914- Transfer and reorganization of Spanish Inquisition archival records to madrid.

    1965- Paul VI reorganizes Holy Office and renames it Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.

    1966- Index of Forbidden Books Abolished.

    1978- Quincentenary of Inquisition (500 years); first scholarly conference held.

    2000- Pope John Paul II admits during Jubilee that the Catholic Church had been intolerant in its “use of violence in the service of truth” and asks forgiveness.

    (B) – The Muslim Rule deteriorated by :Jihadi: Factions and Movements

    The empire was broken to rubbles by various Muslim Jihadi Factions as much as that it CRACKED DOWN into a number of STRONGHOLDS – called “TAIFAS” (Segments) individually ruled by an Emir who held his own army and militant designs.

    The Eastern Roman Empire conquered Andalusia around 555 AD, established Spania, a province of the Byzantine Empire from 552 until 624 AD.

    In 711 AD with the Umayyad conquest of Hispania by the Umayyad general Tariq ibn Ziyad, who was a Muslim with Berber ethnicity.

    Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman-III (ruled 912–961) and his son, Caliph Al-Hakam II (ruled 961–976); and built the magnificent Great Mosque of Córdoba.

    After the death of Caliph Al-Hakam the Christian Armies achieved military successes. The death of (Caliph) Almanzor (1002 AD) led to the first of several decompositions of the Caliphate into Taifas (Emirates). The Emirate of Granada was the last to survive, lasting from 1228 until 1492; which brought an end to Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain).


    Neither the Spanish Inquisition nor the Christian Conquest was the PRIME CAUSE for the Downfall of Muslim Spain, rather it was more like an Opportunity Availed. The REAL CAUSE was the INTERNAL DECOMPOSITION at the hands of RIVAL JIHADI FACTIONS.

    According to Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, r.h., the Third Ahmadiyya Caliph, “The Downfall of Muslims in Spain came due to their disengagement from God and for leaving His (prescribed) Straight Path”.

    Friday Sermon at PedroAbad (Spain) dated October 10, 1980.

    (C) IRONY of the HISTORY is that it is being rigorously repeated in Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan and many other Muslim States – based upon “You are a Kafir because You DONOT believe what I believe”.


    (D) Hadrat Mirza Bashir uDin Mahmood Ahmad, r.a., the second Caliph of Ahmadiyya, WARNED OF IT happening in Pakistan (when Pakistan had not even come into being) on August 25,1946 – Published in Al-Fazal Qadian on August 28, 1946 – and – as Roya # 399 (last concluding part) on page 344 in Roya-o- Kashoof Syedna Mahmood, r.a.

    (E) After Expulsion of Muslims from Spain – until in 1970s the Constitution of Spain did not allow Muslims Preaching and/or Observing their Rites.

    A Paramount Credit falls to (late) Maulvi Karam Ilahi Zafar Sahib, r.h., who was sent to serve in Spain as the Missionary In-Charge, by the Grand Auspices of Hadhrat Musleh Maud, r.a.

    Maulvi Zafar Sahib had (earlier) learnt the CRAFT of Extracting Fragrance of Flowers from Hadhrat Musleh Maud, r.a. (He had superb Mastery).

    Those early days, the transfer of funds to a muslim missionary was also not allowed in Spain. Zafar Sahib used his skills to produce fragrances and make perfumes (at home) and sell them on a stall for his living.

    He was commonly referred to as “Perfumera`” in Madrid.

    Readers’ Digest also published him once in their International Edition with a photograph showing Zafar Sahib hanging a Portrait of the Holy Promised Messiah, a.s., in his house.

    Zafar Sahib – with the guidance and prayers of Hadhrat Musleh Maud, r.a, and Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, r.h., the third Ahmadiyya Caliph, was successful in convincing the legislators for a Constitutional Amendment to allow Partial Liberty to Muslims Preaching and Practicing Faith.


    That was the time, when PedroAbad land was purchased to construct a Mosque – and an Adhan (call for the prayer) was delivered in Spanish Acoustics, FIRST TIME after 700 years since the Fall of Muslim Spain.


    (F) Whenever a society fall victim at the hands of Millitant Jihadi Factions – then Anarchy rules and “KNOWLEDGE FLIES AWAY”.

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