India: Nice Article in Kerala Daily on the Tombs of Jesus and Mary!

There are people who believe that the Tomb of the Son of God Jesus is there at a place called Kanyar in the Rosabal Town of Srinagar Kashmir. The belief is that Jesus had escaped the crucifixion and migrated to Kashmir along with his mother Mary and died there and his Tomb can be found at Kanyar. This belief was spread by The Ahmadiyya school of thought. The founder of this Faith was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was the first person who announced that the Tomb of Jesus is there in Kashmir. In this theory Mary who was with Jesus also has a Grave in the valley of Kashmir which is now in a part of Pakistan, it can be found in the beautiful valley named ‘Muree’ which was actually named after her.

From Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan if you travel via Express Highway for 45 Miles which is in Rawalpindi district you can reach this mind boggling “Mari Hill Top”. This place which is located around 7500 feet high above sea level was a beautiful hill station from the time of the Britishers and it is at this place you can find the Tomb of Mary.  It has not received much of public attention until 1850 when the Britishers reached this place. It was the Britishers who first established a Hill Station at Muree.  Before this, it was considered a sacred place of Worship by both Hindus and Muslims. Britishers started a convent near this place and it has become well establishment which is called the “Convent of Jesus and Mary” which is considered to be one of the best Boarding Schools in Pakistan now. 

After Independence the Pakistan Government has made this Tomb and the surrounding areas under Government Control. They have installed many CCTV transmitters and restricted the entry for public by putting up barricades. Lot of research has been done on this but nothing has come to light.  Whatever it may be there is a sect of Christians and a good number of Muslims who believe that the Shrine which is seen in Kanyar is that of Jesus and the one in Muree is that of Mary, especially the Muslims who do not believe in the death of Jesus on the cross. The belief of the general Muslims is that God had taken the Prophet Jesus to the heaven before he was taken to the cross, but some others like the Ahmadis believe that Jesus and Mary had come to Kashmir and they quote references from the QuranChapter 23 Verse 50 which says “and we made the Son of Mary and his mother a sign, and gave them refuge on elevated land of green valleys and springs of running water”. Many believe that the place which is mentioned in this verse of the Holy Quran is Kashmir because it does not have any resemblance to Jerusalem.

We could get more information and idea about how old this Tomb is and about the person who has buried inside this only from expert Archeological and DNA Tests. Till such time the truth will be hidden in the dark.

One of Kerala’s (India) popular Malayalam news daily the “Mathrubhumi” had the attached article in it on Sunday the 22nd of April on the topic “The Tomb of Mother Mary in a valley in Kashmir” written by Mr. Kallambalam Ansari (Non-Ahmadi). This article was prominently put in color with the photo of the tomb of Mary(ra) the mother of Isa(as). Why this news is significant is because of the large number of Christian and Muslim readership of this Daily. Alhamdulillah the Promised Messiah(as) and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has been mentioned in it.

 The original article is attached in picture form and translation summary of the Malayalam article precedes it.

This article is courtesy of Shahid Parvez.

The barbed wired seem to be going over the grave and behind is the antenna


Picture of tomb or grave of Mother Mary: I took these pictures in 2006


View from the grave of Mary in Murree, Pakistan -- Looking in the opposite direction of the service road

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  1. Good to know recent publication. After all how long fact can remain hidden. Back in 1983, while serving in uniform, got the chance to visit this restricted Tomb of Mary in Murree as was posted at that station. In local Kashmiri language books are available which narrate the whole story and with authenticity claim this tomb housed the sacred Mary, the mother of Jesus (AS)

  2. I traveled in 1988 and have chance to see this shrine of Mother Mary. One important fact I noticed that this grave is not same direction as Muslim,s shrine.

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