‘France now more racist than 5 years ago: What is the Future of Europe?

Russian TV: As Francois Hollande prepares to meet Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential run-off, RT spoke to the spokesperson of the Socialist Party, Benoit Hamon, on the challenges France is facing – austerity measures, immigration and military interventions.

RT: Our first question of course will be on the future of France. There are two top candidates now – the socialist Francois Hollande and incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. What kind of France are we going to see with an Hollande presidency?

Benoit Hamon: Probably a France that’s much fairer, much more egalitarian than it is today. The France we inherit today is significantly poorer than it was five years ago. She has probably lost her influence in the world with, for example, the failure of the Union for the Mediterranean. She has lost much of her influence in Europe, and the best example of this is how Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy have agreed on a draft European treaty which is very favorable to German interests and very unfavorable to the interests of the rest of Europe.

France is mostly very divided as we inherit it today. The task for Francois Hollande will be to somehow repair, rebuild and assemble the French, to avoid opposition to one another. This is why his political project is intended primarily to address inequalities.


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  1. Le Pen do not intend to support Sarkozy. She wants to preserve her party as strong opposition of future assembly. Moreover She has got majority only in one district of France. Its the southern district: most effected by immigrants.

  2. The New York Times, which in the past has had kinder words for the French president.says, “Regrettably, Mr. Sarkozy has no problem being frivolous or cruel if it means he can peel away some of [Marine Le Pen’s] voters.”

  3. It will not be out of context to read the Interview of spokesperson of the Socialist Party, Benoit Hamon, on the challenges France is facing. It was televised on a French TV and printed by their press. Reference is:
    Its sure that Europe is moving towards intolerance, a dangerous phenomenon.
    Law against minarets in Switzerland, law against “Hijab” in France and Belgium. Torturing remarks of europeon politicians against Muslims.

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