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  1. brings tears to my eyes.. how absolutely heart-breaking.. i wish senseless wars would come to an end.. the ones who are affected are these poor children… may god help this young man and give him strength..

  2. It has made my eyes full of tears. It is so heart aching. I wish the world would take lesson and all the high authorities of the world that force war on any region will take a moment and think how painful the consequence of a war is.

    I wish! and how desperately I wish that whole of humanity thought over it. Can any one give him back him Mom’s lap? Not even seventy thousands women collectively in the world can ever do that?

    Then why do something which cannot be undone?

    This picture should be published in every newspaper on every billboard in every nook and corner of the world.

    I am sorry but tears are uncontrollable.I am grieved. It is very saddening picture that makes a person tremble all over.It is so painful a scene.

  3. I pray Allah SWT who according to a Hadith loves us more than the love of 70 mothers keep this little sweetheart under His special mercy. Ameen.

  4. In the name of ALL HUMANITY, I shall make it my mission to make sure that when and wherever possible: I will pass the picture of this little
    child on… to every Racist, Bigot, and all people with war and hatred in their Souls. Love & Compassion, and Respect for our fellow human beings must and will triumph. Bless all our children, and never stop fighting to comfort and save them.

  5. Syed Abbas Ather’s poem is from his (those) days when he lived in the US (in exile) after a merciless episode of physical torture – when General Zia ulHaque besieged Pakistan.

    “Mom” is the metaphor, he attributes more vigorously to the “Mother”- “Land”. Another of his famous poem “Tell my mother Not to Bear Witness” is a grand reference to it.


    It Upholds a Straight Orientation to All “Lands” in Atrocities.


    My Prayer – my dear my Mom
    My Sustainer

    Amidst millions of attempted blazes
    Your blossoms must bloom
    Your vicinities be flourishing

    As death tolled at simmering noon
    We still sauntered bare footed
    Praying for your asylum
    Your Sons – my dear my Mom
    My Sustainer

    We are deprived of the visage of our dear deceased
    Deed of theirs and our fates
    O’ Those who picketed the graves
    My Sustainer – my dear my Mom

    Gems have been kneaded in sand
    And the low and the mean
    Plunder your metropolis
    Why did you tag your flowers to the willows?
    My Sustainer – my dear my Mom

    All around you, it still blows the same
    Dusty whirl of the wind
    Gusting away the loam of your grave
    My Prayer – my dear my Mom
    My Sustainer

    The plunged are the Realms;
    The altered are the times;
    The devastated are the loves;
    The instilled are the ardours, in the hoarfrost of distance;
    If you happen to encounter them
    How much is there yet to go?

  6. Subhannallah. May Allah grant the boy subra and iman.

    We who are alive to pamper our children should say Alhamdulilah. We should not forget those who are orphans.

    No parent would wish to leave his/her child behind.

  7. When I was still a child, I happened to observe a few orphaned children in our local vicinity in Sialkot (Pakistan) – some of them were from those families who had migrated from Indian Jamun & Kashmir to Pakistan in 1947.

    The way they were treated by some “apparently sober folks” and by their children – was more than enough to haunt me (even today).

    Having seen it so happening without a just cause (most often); though as a young boy of 7 or 8 years, I remember myself praying for the long life of my parents.

    Today – I feel lucky that my parents lived long with me – BUT – what I wish to request here is:-


     PLEASE Pray for the safety of those who are ORPHANED – and :–

     PLEASE Pray for YOURSELVES (as parents) for YOUR safe and healthy lives and of YOUR CHILDREN – and :–

     PLEASE ask Your CHILDREN to pray for YOU – and :–

     PLEASE pray for the WORLD to be FREE OF WARS, ATROCITIES and HATE.



  8. I do not know the details of the orphanage, but this is a real story of thousands if not millions of orphans in Iraq. Shall we hear their cries or nickel and dime a well established reality?

  9. No doubt Allah All Mighty also verified the love of Mother by indicating it as a unit of The Love of God, when He says that your God is 70 times more Merciful as your mother to you.
    Our Holly Prophet Muhammad ( S.A ) lost his mother few days after his birth but when He became an adult He find a seventy time more merciful Helper,
    ” 256.Allah-there is no God but He.The Living,The self-subsisting and all subsisting.Slumber seizes him not, nor sleep.To him belongs what so ever is in the earth.Who is He that will intercede with Him except with His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them; and they encompass nothing of his knowledge except that He pleases.His knowledge extends over the heaven and the earth, and the care of them burdens him not and He is the High The Great. Chapter 2:256

    Oh Allah, one and only All Mighty God, The Gracious , The Merciful please give this boy and all other who lost their mothers in young age the peace of mind and sense to recognize you and take help from You. Aameen

  10. Yes, it is indeed a very pathetic and heart-breaking scene to see such a child who is missing the mother, and to feel her presence supernaturally by sleeping in the arms of the mother who is on a photograph. No wonder the saying, that the heaven lies beneath the mother’s feet is not a myth but the truth as the picture reveals.May ALLAH grant this child the strength and courage to face the cruel atrocities of the world,and may he be protected by the unforeseen luv of his mother to grow up to be one of the great man of the world.Amen

  11. “MaaN”

    Poem by Prof. Mohan Singh


    MaaN warga ghan-chhaavan boota,
    Mainu nazar na aawey

    Lai ke jiss toN chhaaN udhaari,
    Rabb ne swarag banaye

    Baaki kull duniya de bootay,
    Jarh sukkeyaN murjhaande,

    Aipar phullan de murjhayeaN,
    Eh boota sukk jaye



    Poem by Prof. Mohan Singh

    (Translated in English by Shahid Pervaiz)

    I am yet to spot a tree
    With as dense a shade as of a Mom

    God borrowed the shades from her
    To create His Paradise-Bliss

    All trees in the world go parch
    If the root desiccates

    Yet, it is “The ONE TREE” that parches
    If its flowers scorch

  12. Hi,

    This picture is a still from a short video. The child in it appears to be an actor. I wonder if someone could translate the video (or give the basic point) found at http://www.newsforage.com/2012/04/iraqi-boy-in-orphanage-drew-his-mother.html. Its odd that in the circulated photo what appear to be Arabic letters in the video have been edited out.

    While the boy in the video may not be an actual orphan, the image certainly evokes sadness for the many Iraqi children who have lost a parent to war.


  13. Allaho Akbar ,see how life is, but Allah is the great and Raheem and inshallah will this child in future is my dua ameen.

  14. this is so heart breaking, i cannot remove this story from my mind. i will continue to pray for this child as well as my family and all the other children. Being also from a mother country that continues to destroy the beauty the Lord has given us sees to amaze me.

    please send me information on this child laying beside his mother i want to pray and see how i may be able to help/ sponser him.

    Thank you

  15. If Allah would care he would not let little boys like this one to suffer.

    No my friends forget Allah and start taking care of our society groups yourself.

  16. The picture may be an advertising but it is as REAL as reality gets for these orphans in Iraq and indeed around the world, Muslim or Non-Muslim.

    War turns Mothers and Fathers into mere chalked up figures on floors….War turns them into mere memories! this is a reality!

    Fortunately, Allah has established a mother’s love to be to strong that it even emanates itself as a chalked up figure. Allah ho Akbar! God is Great!

    All children are angelic and are sent on earth for the rest of us to gain Allah pleasure by taking care of them.

    Justice will be done ! Either in this world or the next… This is also a reality !

    May Allah keep ALL children happy, safe and protected, Muslim or Non !

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