EDITORIAL: Ahmedis under threat

Dailytimes.com: It seems that state officials are taking advantage of the discriminatory status of Ahmedis to freely brutalise members of the community. Police officials continuously persecute these people because of their status as a declared non-Muslim community on one pretext or another. The brutal murder of Abdul Qudoos Ahmed, 43, an Ahmedi schoolteacher and president of the Nusratabad chapter of the Ahmadiyya sect at the hands of policemen at the Chenab Nagar police station through unremitting torture has increased the toll of atrocities being committed against Ahmedis with impunity. The fact that they have been declared non-Muslims does not deprive them of their rights as citizens. They are citizens of Pakistan and protection of their rights is the responsibility of the government. However, the government’s role has been regretfully indifferent, as it does not do anything to stop the inhuman treatment, socio-economic segregation and persecution of the members belonging to this minority group. Some office bearers of the government in fact appear supportive of all such discriminatory practices.

The police had picked up Qudoos Ahmed on February 10 without any warrant to interrogate him in a murder case. They kept him in illegal custody for 35 days and released him on March 26 only after his condition had become too critical to sustain their torture any further. His family was pressurised not to take up the matter. However, a case was later registered against two sub-inspectors of the said police station, clearly saving the skins of the SHO and the DSP who ‘surprisingly enough’ remained unaware of Ahmed’s custody during all this period.

The police’s absolute brutality has sent shivers down everyone’s spine that believes in humanity. The Asian Human Rights Commission has expressed its concern over the murder and plight of the non-Muslims in Pakistan who face unrelenting discrimination at every step of their lives. Reports keep surfacing in this regard, highlighting the rising religious fanaticism and intolerance in our society, indeed a dangerous place for the religious minorities. It is time to check this fast growing lethal trend by taking necessary measures to assure all the non-Muslims of their social, economic, legal and political rights in Pakistan. The government has to condemn extremism and rampant brutal activities against minorities. In Ahmed’s murder case, a judicial inquiry should be held to bring the real culprits to book and send a strong message to all the saboteurs of harmony. *

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  1. My dear respected Master Abdul Qudoos Shaheed Sahib, May God Almighty bless your soul.We all, yes! all the Ahmadis living in the four corners of the globe, with heavy heart and tearful eyes are praying for you and for your innocent grief-stricken parents, your life-companion along with your four small innocent children. May God Almighty bless your soul and give the left behind dear and near ones, special strenght to bear your passing away, with dignity and honour. My dear Qudoos sahib, be feel relieved and pleased as God has made you a great Shaheed, truely following the foot-steps of the first Shaheed-e-Ahmadiat, Hazrat Sahibzada Lateef Shaheed of Kabul. And we also congratulate you, dear Qudoos Shaheed sahib that our bloved Hazoor-e-Anwar has delivered a very faith-inspiring,soul-stirring and deeply spiritual/ emotional, Friday sermon, on you alone, eulogising your great’manners’ and the way of sacrifice for the noble/right cause of Oneness of Allah, our Creator,to whom all of us, one day, have to return to Him and you have set an example for sacrifying for the the integrity, safety and security of the jammate MasiheMuhammadi.By refusing to obey the evil forces, you have shown the whole world, the true character and real face of an ideal Ahmadi, who had to bear un-imagineable, inhuman physical torture, for about two months which totally incapacitated you physically. you, my dear Master Abdul Qudoos sahib, you sacrificed your life for the lofty end of making the world a safe place for saying Truth and truth alone, without becoming fearful of the evil/Satanic schemings/doings against Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, its normal routine activities,like five-times daily prayers, bowing the head before the God Almighty,Friday congregations/memorial meetings or its peaceful’get-to-gather’, these are the very basic and fundamental human rights for all and for all the time to come. Ameen

  2. HRRIF UK demands from the authorities and judiciary of Pakistan justice for Master Abdul Qudoos Shaheed who was tortured by police consistently leading to his death. No action is taken by Government of the Punjab and the Federal Government, no notice or any condemnation is issued by any agency which is shameful for the nation. No media or talk shows are shown in this matter.

  3. Where is Pakistan heading to…?! Have the authorities no shame or a conscience? If they don’t, and it looks like they don’t, then I fear for not just the authorities but the country as a whole and what Allah has in store for them if they don’t stand for truth and justice.

    May Allah help them see their erring ways before it is too late, Ameen.

    For now, it looks like a mass conspiracy of SILENCE, against this heinous crime of MURDER!

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