Does Easter Have Relevance?

Source: Huff Post

My local paper sent a notice around to all the local clergy asking the question: “What relevance does Easter have in the world today?” What world? In the Buddhist, Jewish, Jain, Zoroastrian, Shinto, Zen, Islamic, Sikh, Wiccan, Atheist and Secularist worlds, Easter has as much relevance, I think, as the widely celebrated Hindu holy day called Holi has to me. Never heard of it? Me neither. The first time I learned of this ancient, and apparently fun, holy day was in the gorgeous color photos on HuffPost’s Hindu page. It is important to recognize that the world at large is not Christian, and that America, in particular is changing rapidly. We are no longer all Christians here, if we ever were, which we were not. So, what relevance does Easter have in the world?

Easter has relevance only in Christendom, unless one counts the worlds of war Christianity gets involved in. In the worlds of war, Easter has a huge impact on the world writ large. All churches participate and have equal opportunity. Maybe it is one thing we all do, we Christians, unless one counts believing in Resurrection, which by the way, I do.


Belief, we know, is not knowledge. We do not know that Jesus rose from the dead. We cannot know that. Knowledge is not belief. We believe Jesus did. We believe He rose. We believe He broke the current laws and theories of physics. Because of His rising, we Easter people believe in eternal life. We believe in forgiveness. We believe that God is love. We believe these because there are those living among us who witness aloud to inexplicable and direct experiences of God. We see that belief in Easter can and does change lives; and that belief opens human souls to feel the Living Love of God like fire.


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