Mob Hits Mosque In Latest Attack On Ahmadiyah

Jakarta Globe:

Cianjur, West Java. A mob of about 50 people attacked and vandalized a mosque on Friday that was being used by the beleaguered Ahmadiyah sect.

West Java Police Chief Martinus Sitompul said the attackers, residents of neighboring Cisaar village, wrecked the roof, broke the windows and generally ransacked the mosque, leaving it in shambles.

Ahmadiyah mosque in Cipeuyeum, West Java, was vandalized by a group of protesters on Friday morning.

The attacker, he said, were angry that the Indonesia Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI) was still using Arrohim Mosque in Cipeuyeum village.

“The people already warned the mosque caretakers about [Ahmadiyah] using it and there was a joint agreement that they could not use the mosque,” Martinus said. “But they continued to conduct their activities and Friday prayers there.”

Local police are now guarding the crime scene and investigating the incident, he added.

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11 replies

  1. Local police has not reported any arrests so far even though the crime took place in broad day light and amidst a large crowd. This light fisted approach has encouraged radicals to hit back ever stronger than before.

    We ask the law making authorities of Indonesia; for how long it will go on and where is your commitment to your Pancassila?

  2. The ‘motto’ of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is ‘Love for All and Hatred for None’. When something like this happens we are really challenged to keep sticking to this ‘motto’. Let’s say I do not ‘hate’ those who did it, I actually feel sorry for the misguided guys. On the other hand I must admit that I would have some problems to ‘love’ them just now…

  3. a very heart aching scene.
    May Allah seize the hands of cruel and may Allah help and protect the Jamaat from their every mischief.Amen

  4. Shame shame. If the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) is alive and sees this how he would feel like what his ummah is doing. He and his companions spent their lives and honour to spread the name of Allah and La ilaha illallah but see socalled muslims of this time are doing contrary to his uswa.

  5. It’s very sad that Indonasia has also became one of the Countries, where rights of their ordinary population are not safe and protected, and “Alas” the Government is also a part of this dirty and sins full crime.

  6. I wonder about the ‘ordinary’ people, if they notice that our peaceful Jama’at NEVER retaliates for all the horrors visited upon it by the so-called ‘muslims’ around them.

    In fact, our community is the ONLY one which keeps it’s peace even in the face of great provocation and is extremely self-disciplined unlike the remainder of the Muslim Ummah.

    Have any of them given even a little bit of thought to this fact, ever? I really don’t believe so.

    Hence, my contention that these people including their leaders and governments have a problem applying the God-given grey matter between their ears!

  7. Allah is watching and will surely deal with all evil perpetrators as He dealt with the Ashabul Fiil (The people of The Elephant), it is just a matter of time. Allah is with those who exercise patience and who are steady fast. Just let us all be prayerful and obey all instructions from Hudhur, may Allah help and strength him. Allahuman ameen.

  8. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    The Holy Quran says, “Who is more cruel (unjust) than those who forbade remembrance of Allah (God) in Masajid (Mosques) or instrumental their destruction.”
    The world is becoming more and more unjust, especially Muslim’s fanatic clergy and their peoples and governments to inviting the wrath of Allah (God) in the form of the 3rd World War, in-spite of the Warning from Khalifatul-Messiah to avoid it, It seems becoming unavoidable. May Allah has Mercy on the World and His wrath be only on those few who are stubborn mischievous (sherrun-naas) and who are decreed deprived of guidance from Allah.
    du (2) ghrry sabber say kam lo satheeo Aafte zulmato jor tal ja-a-gee Aah-hay Moumin say takra kay toofan ka rukh badal ja-a-ga rut badal ja-a-gee.
    Be patient its the matter of just a couples of days, wehn injustice will be vanished and combating with the deep heartfelt cry of believers the direction of cyclone will be changed with a fair weather.
    Zarif Ahmad

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