Why are Jews so powerful and Muslims so powerless?

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  1. Apparently it is the job of Dr. Farrukh Saleem to scold Muslims for not paying enough attention to Education, by opening more and more universities. But as I see it there’s no chance of the lot of Muslims changing until they stop pulling each other’s leg or, as it happens so often in Pakistan, killing each other for the difference of faith. If anyone cares to read the following article that I wrote not long ago:
    In it the reader will find the following passage:
    During 1972-73, I talked shop, in London, with some student politicos who were trying to embarrass Mr. Bhutto. One day some Jama’at Islami guys got hold of me and told me that if Bhutto was not unseated soon, the government will eventually go into the hands of Qadiyanis (a hate name for Ahmadis). I was intrigued. My immediate reaction was to ask: Suppose you have the choice between an Ahmadi ruling over Pakistan and India ruling over Pakistan, which would you rather have? The almost knee-jerk response was that they would prefer Indian rule to a Pakistani Ahmadi ruling over them. From the American scene today it seems that some folks would have China rule over the US rather than a black dude ruling over them. Sadly, Mr. Bush has prepared enough grounds for that to happen, by borrowing impulsively and incessantly from China in his day.
    Of course I was drawing parallels between the US and Pakistan, but the example I chose gives away the reason why Pakistan is in such a pickle today and why most of the Muslim world is in a pickle today. Of course education is a must if Muslims are to progress but it will be hard to reap the benefits of education if your educated elite are being killed off for one religious difference or another. So to benefit from secular education you have to focus on religious education; a religious education that inculcates tolerance for others’ views. If Muslims do not embrace tolerance or in other words the Muslims do not muzzle the Mullahs there is no hope.

  2. I looked up the comments at the “Blitz”. As expected someone, who could be a Jew, answered the question by claiming that the leadership of mankind was entrusted to Abraham, then to Isaac and then to Israel. The person obviously needed a hurried lesson in history. All I could muster at that time was the following:
    Thanks for reminding us of the promise of God Almighty to Abraham. There was also a promise of God to Hagar for Ishmael the first-born of Abraham. Today the Jews are riding a wave of sympathy due to the Holocaust and the current prominence of Jews in the sciences and politics can lead you to make the comment that children of Jacob are born to rule. But let’s go back in time just a couple or three hundred years. The Jews were considered harbingers of disease and death in Europe and were viewed with suspicion of being thieves and scoundrels and often were killed or imprisoned on suspicion. Let’s go further, back Nabukad Nazzar herded a whole lot of children of Israel (ten tribes of them), took them to some unknown places, and the Jews are still looking for them.
    I believe that God’s promise to Abraham was true and will be true as long as this globe is populated by humans, because I know that God’s promises of this kind are usually conditional with faith in Him. So do not bank on a conditional promise. Also I fear there is agreat danger that when the current economic system collapses, Jews will be the scape-goats of choice.
    Finally, if I recall correctly, there was an unconditional promise of God to Abraham that God will increase Abraham’s progeny in numbers larger than the number of sand grains. We see a lot of children of Ishmael and a lot of midianites and Turks (who are supposed to have descended from Issau) but only a few million Jews, why is that so? Now if you believe in God’s promises as I do, you would immediately know that a whole lot of Beni Israel are now Muslims and it’s, perhaps, their turn to rule. So, shall I say step asides self-proclaimed children of God?

    • Mirza by quoting this from the Quran just proves that the worldwide success of the Jews today has just proven your a scripture totally in great ERROR!!!! It needs good sense to be successful like the present Jews today. Would you like the answer for the Jews success? Read Genesis 12:1-3 Its the Covenant that the only TRUE God has made with the Jewish race. The success of them today is the result of that Covenant that God promised them. Unlike the Quran saying they senseless. Who is truly SENSELESS here? I wonder. Shame

  3. Let me be blunt here, even if it means hurting some feelings.

    The Muslims are scared to challenge anything written in the holy books while science is all about finding the truth even if it means repudiating the book. Remember Galileo and Copernicus? Muslim scientists will invariably try to find natural effects to prove their Holy book is right, evn though it can be proved wrong on a thousand counts.

    For example evolution. Which Muslim scientist in any country will want to prove that it all started with a big bang or dinosaurs preceded man?

    When it comes to women’s rights, sticking to the book means that half of Muslims– the women– will be out of science, arts or occupations of higher intellect as women are not supposed to be there.

    And then Muslims have to also understand the concept that human beings are free willed creatures who may ant to change religion and may want to be atheists as it is their right.

    But then all this is difficult to accept.

  4. Let me be blunt here, even if it means hurting some feelings.

    The Muslims are scared to challenge anything written in the holy books while science is all about finding the truth even if it means repudiating the book. Remember Galileo and Copernicus? Muslim scientists will invariably try to find natural effects to prove their Holy book is right, evn though it can be proved wrong on a thousand counts.

    For example evolution. Which Muslim scientist in any country will want to prove that it all started with a big bang or dinosaurs preceded man?

    When it comes to women’s rights, sticking to the book means that half of Muslims– the women– will be out of science, arts or occupations of higher intellect as women are not supposed to be there.

    And then Muslims have to also understand the concept that human beings are free willed creatures who may ant to change religion and may want to be atheists as it is their right.

    But then all this is difficult to accept.

    So unless there is freedom of the mind, to equal Jews will not only be difficult… but just may be impossible

  5. Actually, Judaism is a knowledge based faith. In my opinion this may or may not be a good or better thing. For example, I went to a Talmud class in Haifa yesterday. We studied and analyzed one paragraph for nearly two hours. The emphasis is on analyzed the details, concepts, and history of the paragraph. In a Christian setting there may have been more of a solely spiritual exploration. We have been around longer than others and have had more time to develop concepts and ideas. Due to the fact that Judaism is smaller in numbers than other faiths promotes more communication and sharing of knowledge. Also, often being the victims of persecution has promoted Jewish communities to strive harder to excel in business, arts, sciences, and so on….. However, real power in Judaism is still closeness to the universal creator as I believe that it should be in all faiths. Therefore do Jews have great power? Many Jews may feel that we have placed too much emphasis on the secular part of our lives and not on the spiritual. Perhaps, it can be argued that the devotion that I see in Christians and Muslims in my community to their spirituality is real power.

  6. For Vijay Kumar, I am not actually hurt by your comments, it does make sense especially, since you are commenting after what you are seeing in the world.

    1. God has asked all of the human beings to challenge Quran. Problem is, He gives the answers in the same Book and we easily miss seeing that.

    2. Evolution is described pretty well in Quran. Only thing is, all species are born separately. Have you ever thought of the possibility of start of life somewhere else and then brought to Earth? A Muslim scientist (Dr. Abdus Salam-Don’t have the reference right now) proposed this theory. Didn’t have enough time left on earth to prove it for the world.

    3. Big Bang actually happened, some clerics believe that it happened in an instant. Physicists and I don’t, Yet the research shows that it took quite some time. TIme as we know it, doesn’t matter to the Universe or God if you believe in one.

    4. Women are thrown out of the education or science due to the people not the religion. A born christian friend mentioned to me, “The only problem I have with Islam is that it has too many women’s rights”. If you disagree with this then please read Chapter Nisa of Quran teaching men of women’s rights.

  7. Vijay Kumar’s comments had multiple faults, perhaps because of lack of real knowledge about Islam and Quran. I would request Vijay to point out any fault (Scietific or Social) in the Quran.

    If Vijay is an atheist, not believing in any God, I would say that the Atheists also have no proof that there is no God, no Creator. They are just supposing and hoping that there is no God.

    I would suggest reading the book “BibLe, Quran and Science” by Maurice Bucaille. In that book, that doctor has proved that there is nothing in the Quran against known scientific facts.

    I would mention a few things of interest. Quran says that:
    1. Allah created everything in pairs.
    2. Allah created every living thing with water.
    3. All bodies are floating in their orbits.
    4. Even the Sun is also described as moving along to its destination.
    5. The Sun is said to be a Star full of real Light, i.e. inherent light (In Arabic called Dhia.)
    6. Moon is described as having gentle light i.e. Noor, which is a borrowed light or light in transit which illuminates objects.
    7. In Quran is described the Mercy of Allah that he turns day into night and night into day. That has much significance in earth being at a suitable distance from the Sun and the travel of Earth around the Sun being completed in 365 days, and the rotation of the Earth arouund its Axis in 24 hours is a great Mercy not to be ignored and not to be underestimated.
    Consider if Day was of 100 hours, what would happen? The heat of the Sun during day would kill mankind and the cold during night would also hurt much.

    Nowadays we have the fans and Airconditioning. Consider a life 200 years ago with day lasting for 100 or 200 hours would have killed all life on ths planet.

    8. We note mention of Planets in Quran. Allah says “We adored the Near Heavens with lights i.e. planets (In Arabic called “kawakib”.)

    It wold make a long list to mention everything here. Just a few hints are given. A truely interested person can read and research.

    One should not be misled by the lack of knowledge of the Muslim Clergy. That is not the fault of the Quran or Islam. Lack of knowledge coupled with bad practices has put a blanket over the good teachings of the Quran.

    Lastly, I may mention that the Quran lays stress on seeking the Knowledge. The first word revealed to the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. was “Read”. The prophet himself said “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” He also said “Seek knowledge even it be in China.” He said, “Gaining knowedge is the duty of every Muslim male and female.”
    He had brought a message of non-politics and non-violence i.e. complete peace for the whole world.

    I wouuld suggest to Vijey that there is no genuine case against Islam.

  8. A muslim friend of mine says all the scientific progress and achievements count for nothing if one would perpetually burn in hell fire.Why do muslims behave as if they have the sole monopoly of hell and heaven.It is no surprise that all the scientific inventions right from the safety pin to the discovery of “god particle” has no muslim name attached to it.Grow up guys, you have made yourself a laughing stock in eyes of the world the sooner you realise this the better.

  9. I agree with Timothy whole heartedly. At one time the Arabs lead the world in Astronomy now they have become dependent on the Western Calenders to look for the New Moon on Amavasya when there is no Moon in the Sky. On that day the Moon is directly in front of the Sun. In Indian Astrology it is called Amavasya or No Moon. In Saudi Arabia they declare Eid without actually even waiting for the Moon to appear. Chandara Darshan according to the Indian Panchanga is on the 8th of August. So have a Happy Eid you … Muslims the next day.
    Chris Mike, New Delhi

  10. If I may jump in on this issue the reason being is that arabs & muslims always gives credit to Almighty Allah for whatever achievements or accomplishments or knowledge they gain as they do and should and they gladly share and teach others without expecting any compensation or even recognition from them. They don’t try to patent or bankroll on their achievements as others do for whatever measely and worldly gain. They just do it only seeking the pleasure of Allah the creator and benefactor of mankind to help improve humanity and that’s the real power. As an old arab saying goes we taught them how to beg, they beat us to the door. Allah is best to judge and hand out prizes

  11. List of 2013 nobel laureates are out and as expected jews snatched away 80% of the prizes.What has been the achievement of muslims a big 0.Whats you take on this leila?

    • Who will laugh we will see in dooms day
      But my brother I want you to tell that Allah swt said all people will loose their faith on lord and will move on their rush like rats for money fame popularity and mainly for their want what they need and will forget to remember their lord
      Most muslim are spending their day in 5 times prayer reading Qur’an and knowing more about Islam rather watching obscene movies hearing song moving in short attire dress
      Secondly I being a Muslim would like to tell how one can go to heaven
      First believe there is no God but Allah swt
      Second prophet Mohammed pbuh is last messenger of Allah swt
      But if Allah wants on his mercy

  12. Read Malcome Gladwell’s description of reasons for Jewish skills in the world in his book “The Outliers”. It points to a mixture of experience in exile among different classes and cultures, as well as the persecutions that kept forcing them to move to better places. It is not a fate anyone would choose, but the results for the survivors has been one of nimbleness in education and business. This is a unique history, and no people should be expected to replicate either the trauma or the gains. Muslims should not compare themselves to Jews, but instead use their massive resources to better themselves, as every people eventually must.
    -A jew who wishes Muslims well

  13. The answer lies in the following verses of the quran:

  14. namelee, thank you for returning to the book of wisdom, The Quran. Thank you for seeking the proof in the Quran.
    It is true. The matter is spiritual betterment. It is nothing material or greater number. The reason lies in believing and practicing the good laws.
    Our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. in his later part of life, had prophesied that in later days the Muslim nation will be more spoiled than the Jews and the Christians. His companions could not believe that.

    The Jews have suffered much for many centuries. They are relieved and forgiven by God (Allah) now because of:
    1. Their better beliefs and unity.
    2. the bad beliefs of the Christians and the Muslims.
    When the followers of Jesus and Muhammad went astray then why should Jews be punished any more?
    So Jews deserve to be more powerful relieved.
    It is prophesy of Kind David and of Jesus that the righteous will inherit the land. And that is what has happened now.

  15. Namelee: If my knowledge of grammar is correct Sura 45:16 as quoted by you is in the past tense. It is quite some time since the last Israeli Prophet. It also seems quite some time since we saw Wisdom from that nation.

  16. Rafiq,
    The entire quran is in the past tense so it does not apply anymore. If there has been no wisdom from that nation for sometime now, how come 14 million Jews, who constitute only 0.2% of the world population, capture about 22% of the Nobel Prizes which are awarded for outstanding achievements in various disciplines? Per capita, the Jews are responsible for more inventions and discoveries than any other race.

  17. Ghulam,
    I did not quote the quran because of any believe that it it is a book of wisdom. As far as the vast majority of the world is concerned, there is no wisdom in the quran. It contains facts which could be found in earlier works.

  18. namelee, you ran to the Quran for your support of the Jews progress and now you are trying to deny that. If same good words were to be found in any other book of wisdom then why you did not try to quote them?
    It seems you are not fair justified person. Please let me know about your book of wisdom. We are happy (with you) to note that you returned to the Quran. Wassalam.

  19. Rafiq,
    The point should be that making peace involves more than one side. It does not make sense to expect one side to hold the olive branch while the other brandishes an AK-47. That can never lead to peace. Your recent article on Israel’s ground offensive captures this. While there is an Israeli delegation in Egypt for peace talks, Hamas is arrogantly announcing to the world that it has not sent anyone to Cairo.
    The stupidity of the Israeli government lies in not removing this cancer decisively for ever.

    • The Israeli government created this cancer exactly for this reason, so that they can have an excuse not to make peace. (That the Israeli Government sponsored the creation of Hamas to divide the Jewish vote (how nicely did they succeed!) is no secret!)

  20. Ghulam Sarwar,
    I quoted from the quran because that is what you believe in. Quoting from any other source would not have made sense to you.I always refer to the quran to make a point that resonates with muhammadans.
    Both of us have interacted long enough on this site for you not to know that I am a Christian.

  21. Rafiq,
    Blaming Israel for all that happens to the Palestinians is is just being one sided and will not change anything. If the Israeli government divided them for its own benefit, were they so stupid as not to have known the consequence? You have forgotten that within Fatah there had been divisions and divisions within divisions. For instance, George Habbash broke way from Fatah only to have splinter groups from his own faction. Assuming your assertion to be true, there certainly was some incentive behind it.
    The Jews are not altogether united. There are some who do not believe that Israel should exist as a nation and they went as far as meeting Ahmadinejad when he was the Iranian President on a visit to New York. This was something that the vast majority of Jews felt disgusted with. Israel does not blame anybody for the division in the Jewish rank.

  22. Rafiq,
    Those cannot possibly be all. Blame Israel for the breaking up of every geopolitical union in the world. These include, but are not limited to, the following: the emergence of Pakistan from India and the subsequent split of Pakistan into two, the death of the Federation of Malaysia( made up of Malaya and Singapore), that of the United Arab Republic(Egypt and Syria), the demise of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Each one was killed by the all powerful Israel.
    While you blame Israel for the debacle in Syria, the Syrian refugees are being cared for by Israeli medical teams and their opinion of Israel is quite different from what bigots would want them to believe.

  23. I think IF you check the chromesonal activity of the female component of birth you’ll find that “brains” are passed down thru the female line in a “coupling”.’Treat you females the way hard-line muslims do and … treat your females the way the Jewish nation does and … THEN Dr. Saleem’s article makes sense.

  24. They are only powerful for some time, they must establish a state of ruling which will be Israel. Then they will awaittheir messiah, which is who? Well who did the jews deny? They denied jesus pbuh who was a messenger of Allah sent to them. Who will they accept in his place? The dajjal (deciever). 70 000 jews will march behind him. Do you think the fact that they denied jesus will go unpunished? The dajjal is suppose to be the heaviest test put onto the humans, even the prophet muhammed pbuh prayed to be protected from him. So he will come, and end famine, and give people what they want, but he will say “praise me” not “praise god”. Anyways, eventually he mahdi will come which is an imaam, ( a person who leads muslims in prayers) and then Jesus pbuh will come back. He will break a cross infront all the people, and kill a pig, reason being is to disprove the false Christianity, as he never preached he was the son of god or made in the image of god, he preached he is a muslim (a believer in one god) and that he was a messenger, and his purpose to the jews was to bring them to worship one God. The torah, Injeel (now altered and called the Bible), and the Quran are all from the same God and same worship and same religion. It was the actions of man that makes the God send down another prophet and/or book. Anyways, Jesus will come down, will show people those things, and many will join him. He will march against the dajjal and a huge war will break out. The jews and the dajjal VS the united christians and the muslims and Jesus and the mahdi. In the end it teaches that Jesus will win (obviously, he is a messenger of God) and the jews willl be so much in the wrong that even the treese and rocks from the earth will give their position away when they hide behind them. The meaning of this verse is to say that they would have sinned so bad and been in the wrong so much that even the Earth which Allah created will give them up. Jesus will kill the dajjal with a sword. This is why all this stuff is happening in palestine/Israel. They are preparing for a special someone. It will be the Dajjal. If you think about it, Allah made a covenant with the jews, and he has always said he can breed a nation more powerful out of a rock if he wanted too. BUt yea he always helped the jews and protected them, but they did always do wrong, as we can see from history. They always wanted to be lead, by a king and such. But yea the tribe of IShmael. There is a video on youtube of a famous jewish rabbi talking about muslims and Ishmael. He admits they are blessed people. why are they blessed? Because Ishmael literally means “the one who is heard” WHo is he heard by? Allah, which further explains why making DUA in Islam is their most powerful thing that they can do, which is raise their hands to Allah and talk to him and beg him. It all makes sense, not only that, they bow and pray 5 times a day to the same Allah from the torah, this time doing it the same way as Jesus and doing it a lot more than the jews (remembering their Allah). So yes the jews are blessed, but the muslims are blessed also if not more, as the same god does state in the Quran that the world will end with Islam being the ruling religion. then he will destroy everything, then bring us back together and the day of judgement starts. As for you people denying that the Quran has any scientific proof, or if it does other nations found it first. Well it states the perfect formation of the human embryo, which if you take to any university they will agree with it 100%. Nations before did not explain that as correctly and as in depth as the Quran, This is a fact. Look it up. As for muslims not making anything in history that is also wrong. It was muslims who came up with Algebra, and even ALGORYTHMS, MEANING YOU WOULDNT HAVE YOUR LAPTOP TO POST THESE PETTY COMMENTS if it wasnt for muslims who ate halal meat an prayed 5 itimes a day, I posted that in comments because it is so funny how you all act so educated but you dont know basic knowledge such as that. King Louis the 4th of FRANCE begged the muslims at that time to take his son and educate him. On what? On Science and Math because the rest of the world was behind the muslims in such, they were very advanced, But do you even know history? Because a lot of you seem to be so stupid. The muslims and the mongols had huge wars. It was the mongols who almost wiped out Islam, the napprites river ran red with the blood of all the muslims they killed, and black with Ink from all the Science and math books and Qurans thatt hye burned and threw out. This is what set the muslims back. In reality though this was a test from Allah, the same way he tested the jews with Pharoah and such. they use to stack the head of the muslims in pyraminds. But remember, it is the nations that are punished that come up to be the strongest, as we have seen with the Jews. The mongols eventually accepted islam and islam spread thrououhgt them. SO every wrong done to a human, believer or kaffir, will be payed back down to the atom weight, Allah says this. On the day of judgement it will truly be scary. Every atom weight. BUt yea, the muslims are going through a weak phase, but it is meant to happen as they prepare for that special guest, If you think about it, its all a reaction to what the jews do. Because they had the original covenant but were always so prideful which their Allah tells them not to be. So yea dont ignore the muslims and Islam, it is truly powerful. Remember, the same Allah always told them to not be prideful, and that power can always go to another nation. Jews do not accept jesus, christians accept him but say he is a son of God, Muslims accept him and say he is a prophhet, The old bible found in EGypt even proves jesus NEVER said he was a son of God, and only said he was the prohphet of him sent to the jews, and he also prayed the same way the muslims do, byputting his forehead on the floor. Islam is truly powerful and the muslims are truly blessed. THere is a reason the world is going so hard against it. but remember Allah says in the Quran, ” They plan and I plan, Surely I am the best of planners. ” Who oh who do you think he is referring too? Alhamdulilah for Islam <3 May Allah keep us all safe. AMeen. Oh yeah btw, The Muslims were the only people on the face of the Earth to ever defeat the Mongols face to face, It was against Hulagu, it went in the favour of the mongols many time during the fight but in the end the muslims stood victorious. Every other army in history to stand infront mongols face to face fell, it was muslims who won. its a fact. they truly are powerful, their Allah has their back. DO also note, on the first page of the Quran it says "The Jews, the Chrisians, the Muslims and the Sabians are blessed. IF they beleive in ONE GOD and do righteous and good deeds,they will enter paradise." So he has a coevenant with all of them,and ISlam is the latest and msot correct if you get me." ISlam also says those with a mustard seeds weight of hate in their heart will not enter Paradise (jannah) meaning if you are muslim and yo have hatred for jews or christians then you are wrong for feeling that way, see it really is much deeper than alot of you take it for.

      • @ Rafiq.. if you want to know the right answer look at Al Quran. Or read this article:

        Most Islamic Clerics from Saudi Arabia have been teaching the wrong / false Islsmic teaching to all clerics around the world who study Islam for centuries.

        Saudi Arabia clerics have been teaching that Our prophet Muhammad pbuh saw many poor people in Heaven and many women in Hell.
        What it means that Muslim forbid to concentrate their time, energy and mind on worldly affair, but concentrating spritual closeness with God. On other words, do not become a rich man, or do not live in wealth
        you will cast to Hell!

        The result of the false teaching we can see today 95 percent Muslim live in poverty, weak economy, weak country to defand from enemy.
        Whereas Islam us a religion of prosperity, Muslim should live in wealth, not poverty.
        95 percent Jews live in wealth, strong coountry. Strong economy, strong army etc.
        This tiny State of Israel surounded by 10 times bigger of Arab countries can be defeated by Israel 4 times.

        Inspite of Israel is a strong army and economy, The weak Arab army can defeat Israel if Allah Willing, but Allah help the tiny Israel 4 times, because Most Arab people have turned away from Allah ( Al Quran) to worship IDOLS ( Hadith). That is why?!!

        Hopefully my article above can answer ;
        Why are Jews so powerful and Muslims so powerless?

        With love❤️

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