America’s Billionaires Are Giving To Pandas Instead Of People Who Really Need It

This post originally appeared at The Chronicle of Philanthropy.


Under a big headline on the front page of The Washington Post last week came the news that a local billionaire had provided $7.5-million to restore the Washington Monument, which has been closed to the public since it suffered serious damage in this summer’s East Coast earthquake.

It wasn’t the first time that The Post had trumpeted the philanthropy of David Rubenstein, a co-founder of the Carlyle Group, a private-equity company. It also used big headlines a month earlier to note Mr. Rubenstein’s $4.5-million gift to help the National Zoo care for its pandas and spur reproduction of the rare animals.

giant pandas

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  1. I totally believe that saving the Pandas is a useless effort, waste of money, time, energy and resources.

    Panda is an animal which is naturally going extinct. Extinction of species is a natural process and humans can’t stop it. I could never understand why so much effort is put into saving Pandas from going extinct, when these efforts haven’t been useful for decades. And today, Panda’s don’t exist naturally at all, only exist in zoos or other artificially made environment for them.

    Now some scientists are also thinking of stop worrying about saving Pandas. And these days we really need to worry about humans than Pandas.

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