E-Petition protesting against the cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus negatively

The Atheist Society of University College London (UCL) posted a cartoon depicting the Holy Prophet Muhammad, and Jesus Christ, may peace of God be on both, having a beer (God forbid) at a pub frequented by some of the UCL students. Needless to say it was tasteless, disrespectful and completely unnecessary.

In addition to other responses Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, UK started an online Petition to call upon good willed people of all backgrounds to promote the concept that freedom of speech should be applied responsibly, with respect and tolerance being the key to this. The petition, which has over 1300 signatures, is opposed by a petition launched by the UCL Atheist Society which currently has in excess of 4000 votes.

Please join in signing this petition to increase the vote.

To vote and view the e- petition visit the following link:


The featured picture is of cave of Hira, where the Prophet Muhammad had his first revelation from All Knowing God.



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  1. this is a bit too far and i do have a sense of humor. come on drinking beer, thats corrupting the youth where families pray thy succumb to righteousness oppose to corruption and hyppocrisy

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