Saudi Arabia: 28,000 Saudi women ready to replace men in sales jobs

Source: Sikandar Malik of Germany

RIYADH, (Arab News): Over 28,000 Saudi women have come forward to take up jobs at shops selling lingerie and women’s accessories throughout the Kingdom, according to a senior official at the Ministry of Labor.

Fahd Al-Tukhaifi, assistant undersecretary for development at the ministry, said that these women would replace salesmen at 7,353 lingerie and ladies’ makeup shops across the Kingdom. The ministry has set next Wednesday (Jan. 4) as the deadline to implement its directive to replace salesmen with Saudi saleswomen at these shops, Al-Eqtisadiah business daily reported on Saturday.

Al-Tukhaifi said Riyadh province tops with the number of Saudi women with 5,621 who are ready to work as saleswomen at lingerie shops. Makkah province follows up with 5,086 and Eastern Province with 3,183 women. The remaining women who have registered for the job are spread over 10 other provinces.

The official noted that working teams from the ministry have already completed counting shops selling lingerie and women accessories across the Kingdom. Referring to the regional break-up of the shops, he said that among the total of 7,353 shops, there were 2,032 shops in Makkah, 1,864 in Riyadh and 1,152 in the Eastern Province and the remaining shops located in 10 other provinces.


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