Libya Celebrates 60 Years of Independence

For the first time in 42 years, on Saturday December 24, Libya is celebrating the anniversary of its independence gained 60 years ago, on December 24, 1951, The united Libyan Kingdom was formed under then King Idris.

For most of its history, Libya has been subjected to varying degrees of foreign control, from Europe, Asia, and Africa, but the modern history of independent Libya began in 1951.

Independence had ceased being celebrated in 1969 when the Gaddafi came to power in a coup. Since then, only the date of independence still remained in the country’s history, the former dictatorial regime only allowed Libyans to celebrate the date of the coup, on September 1 each year.

Celebrations are planned in Tripoli, and other cities. They include a lunch for several thousand people in Tripoli to be served on tables which organisers say could stretch for 2km along Tripoli’s seafront. Read more


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