Mistletoe Extract as Cancer Therapy

By Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Founder and President, Gaynor Integrative Oncology

Asst. Clinical Professor of Medicine, Weill-Cornell Medical College

Cancer is a scary diagnosis. There’s no doubt about that. Treatment is not just about removing the tumor and providing chemotherapy (although those are important aspects of healing cancer patients) – it’s about the whole patient. As an integrative oncologist, I emphasize treating the person and not just cancer. I incorporate conventional medicine using chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, and targeted therapies with nutritional forms of treatment to create unique therapeutic regimens for my patients.

Mistletoe: More than Holiday Décor

Iscador Injection given SC is widely prescribed complementary mistletoe cancer treatment

Recently, Suzanne Somers appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss the cancer treatments she used to treat her breast cancer. One of the adjuvant therapies she discussed was her use of mistletoe extract injections. Although it’s not FDA-approved in the US, it is used in some clinical research trials and occasionally prescribed in Europe by anthroposophic physicians. Read more








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