Rabwah Times Publisher Receiving Death Threats!

RABWAH, PAKISTAN — Publisher of the Pakistani-based Rabwah Times, a small online news publication founded in 2008 to highlight the plight the Islamic sect of Ahmadiyya, is today reporting its publisher, 21-year-old Ehsan A Rehan, has been receiving threatening phone calls calling on him to stop publishing stories against Khatm e Nabuwat.

“Since the foundation of the Rabwah Times, I have frequently received death threats from hard-line clerics of organizations such as Khatm e Nabuwat,” said Rehan.

According to Rabwah Times publisher, Ahmadiyya community members are being persecuted for their faith. With Pakistan’s political climate and elections coming up, he argued, it would be interesting to see where the main political candidates stand on religious freedom.

In Pakistan Ahmadis and Christians alike are often falsely accused and charged under the controversial blasphemy laws.

Rehan added “Just a few weeks back an Ahmadi student was expelled from COMSATS, an educational institution in Lahore and there was a media blackout regarding the incidence,”

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4 replies

  1. Unless you have concrete proof and show the proof or some police FIR reference, such a generic and ambiguous post is just a poor try by the young man to claim asylum. When Alfazl and other newspapers are routinely published from Chenab Nagar (Rabwah), why would this little site be targeted?

  2. I hope that if Editor of Rabwah Times is following this post, he could provide more specific proofs.

    In the mean while, one would also hope that Ahmed Qerni will work to get the 1984 Ordinance off the books in Pakistan. This is an ordinance that should be picked up by guinness world records, as the most hateful among the hate-mongering laws! Pakistan is indeed excelling among the leagues of nations!

  3. That is their entire ability, capacity and identity. They are “butchers” not Ulama or the scholars.
    Had they been scholars or had they the least knowldeg of the Sunnaah of Hudhur Sallahau Alaihiwasallam they would have responded in a sensible, reasonable literal and knowledgeable way.
    Inna Lillahi waa Inna Ilaihi rajioon.
    May God have Marcy on the Ummah of His Bloved Prophet.Amen

  4. I have bits of recordings if someone would like to hear and FYI I have no intention of claiming asylum I have just returned from London to work on this and have been since 2008.

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