Standing up to Discrimination against Muslims – Know Your Rights!

Source: Qantara

Since 2010, a Berlin-based network has dedicated itself to opposing discrimination against Muslims by providing information and legal advice to the Muslim community. As Sabine Ripperger has been finding out, Muslims are often unaware that discrimination is illegal in Germany

Germany is not immune to the blight of discrimination in its various guises. People often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to looking for work or accommodation simply because of the colour of their skin or their ethnic origin.

Despite the introduction of an Equal Treatment Act in 2006, which was intended to put a stop to this kind of discrimination, the problem persists. Many of Berlin’s Muslims are still largely unaware of their rights and require assistance when it comes to exercising them.

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3 replies

  1. Discrimination is legal only in Pakistan & all so-called Islamic countries. It is illegal in all civilized & democratic countries like India & Israel.

    • To call Israel a ‘democratic country’ is in a way misleading. It may be a democratic country for its Jewish citizens, however, the way they disregard their international obligations in the territories they occupy (including Gaza, which they do not actually ‘occupy’ any more, but strangle never-the-less). Let’s talk positively about Israel’s democracy when they have extended it to all their citizens AND occupied population!.

  2. Discrimination or Racism against anyone is doubtlessly a vice against humanity. No sane person will deny it. It is a crime or sin against ones conscience.
    The fact is evil forces and surges have no ethnic background and they do not obey or care for any law. Hate mongers exist everywhere.
    Ironically common Muslims of today have chosen this task for them and are being returned with surplus.

    Th Holy Prophet said, whoever gave his life for the sake of discrimination is not from us.

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