Does ‘Eye for an Eye’ Have a Place Today?

Jakarta Globe

As people across the world mark Human Rights Day today, prominent rights groups are raising awareness of one violation that is often overlooked in Southeast Asia: The continued existence of the death penalty.

The report “When Justice Fails: Thousands executed in Asia after unfair trials,” released this week by the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network, highlights the cases of eight people on death row in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

It included a Nigerian, Humphrey Jefferson Ejike Eleweke, who was arrested for drug offenses in 2003 in Indonesia and sentenced to death a year later.

“Only a small number of countries in Asia are still using the death penalty, but their actions cast a shadow over the entire region,” Adpan coordinator Louise Vischer said in a statement.

“With high numbers of people being sentenced after unfair trials, this causes innocent people to be executed.” Read more

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  1. Why attack Islam! Many democratic civilizations uphold the capital punishment. In fact Islamic law is very superior since it advocates forgiveness through relatives by paying Blood Money.

    The spirit of the Islamic penal code is to save lives, promote justice, and prevent corruption and tyranny.

    Islamic philosophy holds that a harsh punishment serves as a deterrent to serious crimes that harm individual victims, or threaten to destabilize the foundation of society.

    The Qur’an legislates the death penalty for murder, however forgiveness and compassion are strongly encouraged. The murder victim’s family is given a choice to either insist on the death penalty, or to pardon the perpetrator and accept monetary compensation for their loss (2:178).

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