UK: Coronation Oath threatened by council prayers ruling, High Court told

The Coronation Oath would have to be abolished as part of the “far-reaching   consequences” of a legal bid to stop councillors saying prayers before   meetings, the High Court has been told.

Lawyers also claim that local authorities would have to end their involvement   with remembrance services while chaplains would not be allowed to serve in   the Armed Forces, should the test case succeed.

Meanwhile full council meetings across England could no longer start with   Christian prayers being read if the National Secular Society and an atheist   former councillor from Devon win their case against Bideford Town Council.

But the council’s lawyers argue that councillors are not forced to join in   with the prayers, so that atheists are not being discriminated against.   Meanwhile the traditional practice, backed in votes by the town hall, allows   other councillors to “exhibit their religious beliefs”.

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