Kayani’s bold move: ‘Pakistani troops will return fire if Nato attacks again: Is this the beginning of the end for Pakistan?


In a development that pushes US-Pakistan relations further into the realm of uncertainty, the army has authorised its local commanders deployed near the Afghan border to retaliate to any future incursions by Nato forces.

The decision to review the chain of command of security forces stationed at the western border was taken by the army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, after consultations with his top commanders in the wake of Nato strikes at the weekend, said a military official.

The change means that from here on in the US-led Nato forces in Afghanistan will also be treated as a potential threat, commented former Federal Administered Tribal Areas secretary Brig (retd) Mehmood Shah.

Editor’s note:

This is an extremely dangerous move. The Pakistan military lower cadres are already tinged with indoctrination on jihad and militant tendencies. Left to their choice, a confrontation will come quick and all out war is within the realm of possibility. Is this the beginning of Pakistan’s break up? May Allah save this country.


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  1. Every thing that happens in the world is God proving His existence and proving the truth of His Prophets. Afghanistan is in such a pitiful state because of the martyrdom that took place of Ahmadi Muslims. To think that the All Mighty will allow Pakistan to thrive during the continuous persecution of Ahmadis is totally against His promise that He will defend His true followers. Once again the hands of the All Powerful will defend the honor of Mirza Ghulahm Ahmad(as) and those who seek security under the blanket of the Messiah of our time. Insha Allah!!

  2. I am hopeful that things will take a turn for the better in Pakistan. A head on confrontation with America, if unavoidable, is not a bad idea. As it is said it is better to live like a lion for one day than to live for hundred years as a jackal. America can not afford to break up Pakistan. It can not survive in this region on its own. This region will become a huge graveyard for them. Ahmadies have been primarily instrumental in creation of Pakistan and Allah shall save this country with our prayers. InshaAllah

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