Jordan: Unconfirmed rumors: 400’000 Iraqi Christians to be allowed to settle in Jordan

Source: Sorry, I cannot tell you. From the Royal Palace, but not permitting to be quoted.

News leaking out of the Royal Palace in Amman through confidential sources that do not want to be named are speaking about plans to permit 400’000 Iraqi Christians to be settled in Jordan. The News especially states ‘Christians only’.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, both Christians and Muslims, have already come to Jordan. Some have gone back, some have been resettled elsewhere. Some ‘make do’ in Jordan. In Jordan they are treated as ‘guests’ and not ‘refugees’. Jordan did not sign the UN refugee convention. Some times some Iraqis were permitted to work, at other times work permits were refused. In other words the situation is not quite clear to the Iraqis and that is why they continue to seek more permanent solutions elsewhere.

This ‘News leak’ now seems to suggest that Christians would be given proper settlement rights even up to Jordanian passports. This can be done ‘quietly’ without any ‘public legislation’ simply by approving their residence permits more easily than with Muslims.

Why Christians? On the positive side it shows that Iraqi Christians would much more appreciate to remain in Jordan rather than being ‘forced’ to migrate to Europe or America. This is a positive aspect for Jordan. On the other hand why not all Iraqis? Well, yes, there are quit a number of them. Already real Jordanians are a minority in the country, with Palestinians being the majority.

Also Christians have a good lobby. Americans and Europeans would be generous if they could settle elsewhere and they would not need to take them in.

Let’s follow the News and see whether these ‘rumors’ will turn out to be ‘hard news’ in the near future.

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