Iran delivers major blow to the CIA

Source :Asiatimes on line.

By – Mahan Abedin

Iran’s claim last week to have arrested 12 spies from the Central Intelligence Agency has been grudgingly confirmed by United States officials, suggesting a major CIA defeat if not a full-blown disaster. ATol sources in Tehran confirm the embarrassing outcome is the result of a “scattergun” approach by the agency that has seen it engage virtually any Iranian who potentially had useful information.


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  1. CIA embarrased…uh it will take more than that. In front of the entire world the nation of Iraq was blown to bits under the guise of accusations. Yet it was still blown to bits. The bottom line is the powerful nations of the world can destroy any of the weaker nations whenever they feel the need or desire. The nation of Iran exist only for one reason, that is to fulfil the needs the powerful needs they want it to fulfil. Just like Iraq Iran will only remain unscathed by bombs and bullets until the powerful nations deem necessary. CIA embarrased I think not only Iran’s foolishness to believe they stand a chance, yeah right Iraq thought the same thing.

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