Not all deaths are mourned the same: All deaths are equal but some are more equal than others

Several politicians and citizens in general are enraged over the violation of their sovereignty. While this outburst of grief is understandable and very much justified, one wonders why other acts of violence against ethnic and sectarian minorities in Pakistan have not stirred the same outpour of grief and anger that we witness today. Could it be true that we are enraged only when others stand accused of violence against us, but when its Muslim-on-Muslim violence, we are much complacent.

The purpose here is not to undermine the ultimate sacrifice offered by Pakistani soldiers, who continue to lay their lives in hundreds while defending Pakistan against the militant fundamentalists. The motive here is to point out the lack of or, at best, muted response to the senseless violence committed against Ahmadis, Balochis, Christians, Shias and other minorities in Pakistan.


Editor’s note:

Once a Muslim sect has given a fatwa against another sect, it dehumanizes that sect. Its easy to kill the “other” and no need to mourn those who are considered lesser humans because they have decided to take a different path than those who wish to impose their version of truth on others.

Categories: Pakistan, Terrorism

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