‘They know you are vulnerable’ – plight of older people in home care

Source: Guardian

Author: Randeep Ramesh

Most of the women from the care agency, were, in the words of a 78-year-old, “nasty and rough”. Whatever the carers’ demeanour, the frail woman in a wheelchair did not expect attitude to translate to violence that left her bewildered and powerless.

“Rather than say ‘sit in the chair’, they’d push me back into the chair, that sort of thing, and I didn’t like that … I couldn’t do anything about it. I can’t even walk and I think they know this you see; they know you’re vulnerable”.

However, such tales were depressingly familiar in a damning indictment of council-funded home care across the country – the Equality andHuman Rights Commission found evidence of a “systematic failure” in the way we look after the elderly.

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5 replies

  1. yes you are right. That is why they have to be cared by hired people. Which can never be like ones own people. It is so heart aching to think about it.

  2. in this 21st century human has excelled in every knowledge. Family values have been taken for granted. whereas, to gain worldly riches is the goal of life. It is the times that family life and values should be introduced on the s.o.s basis to this so called civilized humankind.
    I have seen these elderly cry weep and grieve in the presence of apparent comforts and care. They starve for a real hug of love, happiness and care.They looked so helpless and miserable.
    The do not say for nothing “blood is thicker then water. But when the blood becomes thinner them water such disasters occur. Alas and sigh.

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