Most encouraging and joyful news for Ahmadis

Source: Nasim Malik of Sweeden

Response to Written Question 2011/12: 86 November 3 Answer to question2011/12: 86 Situation of Ahmadiya members in Pakistan Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

Question has been asked to foreign minister what steps he intends to take to strengthen the protection of religious minorities in Pakistan.


“Oppression due to religious beliefs is unacceptable and the situation of religious minorities in Pakistan is extremely serious. Earlier this year two Pakistani government officials were killed after they advocated reform and the abolition of the so-called blasphemy laws. The laws are fuelling societal violence against persons belonging to religious minorities and are contrary to the universal principles of religion and speech. As I mentioned earlier for Shadiye Heydari, Sweden is mainly through the European Union to influence the Pakistani government to strengthen the protection of human rights in the country. European Union member countries are making regular petitions in Islamabad on human rights, including religious minorities. This also includes Ahmadiyya. Even in a bilateral framework we address these issues.In order to work more actively with the rights of persons belonging to a religious minority chose the European Union Delegation in Pakistan this year to include religion as one of four priority areas of work relating to human rights. European Union -Pakistan prepared now also a commitment to plan together with Pakistan to strengthen cooperation in a number of different areas, although this is the work of human rights priority. European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton and the European Parliament expressed their concern about the intolerance and violence against religious minorities in Pakistan after the assassination of two government officials. The Government shares this concern and will continue to act bilaterally as well through the European Union and the United Nation to enhance human rights in Pakistan.”

Categories: Human Rights

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  1. Let us keep our faith in Allah and supplicate Him to let peace reign in Pakistan and make life easy for the Ahmadis living there. We only rely on Allah as He is the only one who can open the mind of these Mullahs to the truth and righteousness. We shall all be accountable to God both the government and the governed ones.What about the Dr. and his son that were kidnapped have they been released? Allah, who is the best judge will judge between us and our persecutors.

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