BOOK REVIEW: Sterile in soul and spirit

Source: Dawn

Author: Dr. Irfan Zafar

Dr Iqbal Syed Hussain is the author of eight books and hundreds of articles that regularly appear in the European, Middle Eastern and Pakistani media. His works include Islam and Western Civilisations, Terrorism in Action, The Qur’an and Modernism, Islam and the Clash of Civilisations, Pakistan in Crises and Tears for Pakistan.

His book, The Muslim Delusion, sheds light on the current Muslim culture and its continuing decline towards oblivion with decadence, illiteracy and orthodoxy being pronounced factors. While the western world is looking forward, the Muslim world at large is deluded in its fantasies, which are entrenched in the tentacles of illusions, vanities and misconceptions.

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Categories: ISLAM, Law

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