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  1. Can i make a request please? If this website is truly made to foster universal brotherhood, then first thing we need to do is stop Pakistanis from authoring content on India and vice versa. Except those who are qualified Muballigh or responsible authority of Jamat. I am tired watching the show “welcome to i hate India” and this negative behavior.!

  2. Jazakallah for your excellent suggestion. We love India and do not want to bash India.

    Please introduce yourself some more and tell us if you are able to contribute to India for the Muslim Times. Let me also say that our Editor for China is a young British born Ahmadi Muslim and not a Pakistani.

    Best regards!

  3. Shokran Janab Zia sb.

    I am a khuddam from Delhi jamat, India. Originally i belong to the Orissa state though. Will be more than happy to contribute for muslimtimes.org. Insha Allah. I believe you already have my email adress, if you could let me know when and how i can do the same please? Else if you do not have my email, then i can provide you the same. I can contribute on emerging technological and market research trends in the contemporary world. I also have a keen interest in Muslim heritage and contributions of muslims to the modern science, economics and world order.



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