Man fines wife for giving birth to baby girl

Man fines wife for giving birth to baby girl

Local authorities settle dispute as wife agrees to withdraw case

  • By Lata Rani, Correspondent
  • Published: 00:00 November 2, 2011
  • Gulf News


Patna: A man in Bihar Tuesday imposed a fine of Rs25,000 (Dh1,864) on his wife for giving birth to a female child, forcing the local administration to intervene.

Ironically, Nargis, a girl born on Monday in a village in the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh, was welcomed as the world’s seven billionth baby.

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Categories: Women Rights

2 replies

  1. Its a shame that even in 21st century some people don’t know that its the father who is responsible for the gender of a baby. Biologically the gender is determined by the chromosomes coming from father’s sperm, and mother has nothing to do with it.

    So its the father who should had fined himself.

  2. 7 billion and still less humans in the world. There is a nice vers from an Urdu poet,

    “Sadiyon Se Yun To Hain Yahan Insaan Ka Wajood
    Insaan Hum Ko Kab Hai Mila Kam Bahut Hi Kam…”

    “though humanbeing are living here for centuries,
    But I rarely met a human here very very rare…”

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