Illegal uploading of every Israeli’s Biometric Data online

Authorities find source that leaked every Israeli’s personal information online

Former Welfare Ministry employee who had access to the Population Registry stole the details in 2006 and passed them on to a business client, after which it made rounds until it was finally uploaded onto the internet.

By Tomer Zarchin

The biometric data can be used to gain access to sensitive information & identify a person. Facial recognition software allows one to identify anyone photographed on camera, using the biometric database.

 Israeli authorities have tracked down the source of a leak which resulted in the illegal publication online of personal information about every one of Israel’s citizens, the Justice Ministry announced Monday.

The database provides the personal and familial information of all Israeli citizens in the Population Registry – more than nine million people, some of whom are no longer alive. Each citizen’s family relations, personal identification number and other private information are contained in the database.

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