Day: October 22, 2011

Database Links Chinese and Western Medicine

Kings College study breaks down 350 herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine and predicts their activities covering 41 therapeutic areas in Western medicine. Chem-TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) breaks down 350 herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. The digital database relates traditional Chinese herbal medicine to Western pharmaceutical counterparts on the […]

Clash of Civilizations or Nuisance?

Medieval Crusading and the War on Terror As the never-ending war on terror enters its second decade, commentators and opinion continue to seek insight from the medieval crusades, when European Christian armies marched to the Middle East to make war against Muslim adversaries. To the casual observer, the crusades would […]

No to Genetically Modified Cultivation

NGOs protest genetically engineered crop regulation The Jakarta Post A group of NGOs advocating agricultural issues are calling on the Agriculture Ministry to revoke its new regulation that allows cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The Executive Director of the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law, Henri Subagiyo, said in a […]

Clinton has hearty laugh at meeting in Islamabad

Islamabad: Washington’s troubled relationship with Pakistan has triggered plenty of heartburn for US officials, but rarely sidesplitting laughter. That changed yesterday when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton erupted in amusement during a town hall meeting in Islamabad when a participant described the US as Pakistan’s impossible to please mother-in-law. Read […]