Day: October 10, 2011

Former LHC chief justice to defend Mumtaz Qadri

By Obaid Abbasi Published: October 10, 2011 Source/Courtasy: Express Tribune ISLAMABAD: Former Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif will defend Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, in court on Tuesday, confirmed Lawyer Raja Shujaur Rehman. Justice Khawaja was appointed Chief Justice of the LHC on April 12, […]

Qadri supporters rail against US, Ahmadis

By Rana Tanveer Published: October 10, 2011 Source/Courtesy:Express Tribune LAHORE: Speakers at the Sunni Ittehad Council’s (SIC) National Khatam-i-Nabuwat Conference railed against the death sentence handed to Mumtaz Qadri for the murder of Salmaan Taseer, as well as Ahmedis and America, on Sunday. SIC Chairman Sahibzada Fazle Karim announced that they would […]

The 25 Smartest Things Steve Jobs Ever Said

One of coolest things about Steve Jobs was his willingness to  respond to customers’ emails. And some of the responses were legendary.  Jobs openly shared his thoughts with the public. And he was more  quotable than many think. In honor of Apple’s visionary, who passed away on Wednesday, here are […]

Rabbis: ‘Price tag’ contradicts Torah

 Religious leaders from all sides of national-religious spectrum strongly condemn Jewish ‘acts of revenge’ against Arab targets. Chief military rabbi urges yeshiva heads to act against phenomenon Chief Military Rabbi Brigadier-General Rafi Peretz has demanded that hesder yeshiva rabbis condemn “price tag” activities and act against them, in light of […]

The threat to moderate Indonesia

WHAT is the single greatest failing of Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono? Ismail Yusanto, the public face of Islamist organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Jakarta, tells me: “The government of Indonesia works on a secular system. In terms of politics, economics and society, a secular system will always produce many, many problems. […]

3 Eggs a week up cancer risk

source.TOI on line. Men who eat 3 eggs a week at heightened risk of lethal prostate cancer (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)   Experts have warned that eating three eggs a week could significantly increase a man’s chance of dying from prostate cancer. The researchers found that men who consume more than […]

American Economists Share Nobel Prize

The Nobel prize in economic science was awarded Monday to Thomas J. Sargent at New York University and Christopher A. Sims at Princeton University for their research looking at the cause-and-effect relationship between economic policy and the broader economy.    Their work uses statistical analysis to disentangle the question of whether […]