Day: October 16, 2011

The massacre that Paris denied

Source: Guardian Author: Nabila Ramdani Republican values of liberté, egalité, fraternité will be all but forgotten when thousands of Parisians recall the most murderous episode in the French capital’s postwar history tomorrow. Commemorations are planned for the 50th anniversary of the French-Algerian massacre, when up to 200 peaceful protesters were slaughtered in cold […]

Genetic Code of World’s Oldest Person

AMSTERDAM –  A Dutch woman who held the title of the world’s oldest person when she died, aged 115, credited her longevity to a daily meal of herring, not smoking and limiting her alcohol intake. Six years later, however, scientists hope her genes may provide a better answer — and […]

G20 finance chiefs back Europe bank rescue

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Finance ministers from the world’s largest economies pledged Saturday to take “all necessary actions” to stabilize global financial markets and ensure that banks are well capitalized. “We will ensure that banks are adequately capitalized and have sufficient access to funding to deal with the current crisis,” […]

Tel Aviv joins global social justice protests

By BEN HARTMAN Several hundred gather at Tel Aviv Museum plaza where opinions are voiced in “Hyde Park” speakers corner; protest held on Rothschild. Tel Aviv on Saturday joined hundreds of cities across the globe holding “October 15” demonstrations, focused on a message of greater economic equality and opportunity, and […]

Europe: Integrating Islam

Source / Courtesy: Council on Foreign Relations Author: Toni Johnson, Senior Staff Writer Updated: July 25, 2011 Since 9/11, Western Europe’s growing Muslim population has been the focus of debate on issues ranging from immigration policy to cultural identity to security. Several incidents in recent years have increased tensions between […]

Democracy – an inventory

With the camp-in on Wall Street, public anger over the crisis has ended up covering the entire political and geographic arc from Greece to the United States. At first glance, the two cases seem to have little in common. While the Greece of Papandreou is in crisis due to an […]

Offering support

The Jordanian government decided to send a large delegation of officials and business leaders to Libya to offer support for its reconstruction, a move that is necessary, even if it came a bit late in the hour.The minister of industry and trade will head the delegation – hefty from the […]