Offering support

The Jordanian government decided to send a large delegation of officials and business leaders to Libya to offer support for its reconstruction, a move that is necessary, even if it came a bit late in the hour.The minister of industry and trade will head the delegation – hefty from the look of it, the number of participants reaching 200 – to offer the new ruling regime in Libya the assistance and support it needs badly in the aftermath of the months of war that left behind a trail of death and destruction.

The National Transitional Council in this North African country needs all the aid and support that comes its way from the international community. The Arab world’s assistance should be particularly welcome.

The strife seems nowhere near an end yet, because of stiff resistance from the remnants of forces loyal to the former leader, Muammar Qadhafi, in his hometown, Sirte, but military observers are predicting that the fight will end in a matter of days, after which the country will be in dire need to start a reconstruction campaign.

Jordan is well placed – with entrepreneurs and public and private professionals having the necessary know-how – to help rebuild the severely damaged infrastructure in Libya.


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