Day: October 4, 2011

A heartbreaking task ….

Working in a ‘Crises’ and ‘Post-Crises-Environment’ has its rewarding moments, when you can feel that you could help some people in trouble. In Libya for instance before the current conflict there were many foreign workers from all over the world. Some were skilled workers from Europe and Asia, others unskilled […]

Electric plane wins $1.35 million prize

Source / Courtesy: CNN A Pennsylvania company has won a $1.35 million prize from NASA for developing a highly efficient airplane power by electricity. of State College earned the top prize in the CAFE Green Flight Challenge, sponsored by Google, NASA announced Monday. The plane developed by Pipistrel doubled the […]

Blood flows freely in Pakistan

source:asiatimes on line. ISLAMABAD – The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ – Army of Jhangvi), a Pakistan-based, al-Qaeda-linked, anti-United States, Sunni Deobandi sectarian-turned-jihadi group, has let loose a reign of terror against the Shi’ite minority. In its latest attack, the LeJ on Tuesday killed 13 Shi’ites traveling on a bus to work in […]

Al-Makkiah: The multicultural Saudi Arabia

By ROBERTA FEDELE, LIFE.STYLE@ARABNEWS.COM Saudi Arabia is generally associated with the idea of a closed society, eager to preserve its own traditions from external cultural influences. For different reasons, Western countries too are starting to suffer from fear of cultural contamination. However, even in such peculiar context, it is possible to find […]

Pilgrims served Zamzam on arrival

By BADEA ABU AL-NAJA | ARAB NEWS MAKKAH: The Al-Zamazima Office, which serves Zamzam water, has started the implementation of this year’s Haj plan. The plan aims to provide the blessed water to pilgrims from the moment of their arrival in Saudi Arabia until their departure, the office’s head Sulaiman […]