Blood flows freely in Pakistan

source:asiatimes on line.

ISLAMABAD – The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ – Army of Jhangvi), a Pakistan-based, al-Qaeda-linked, anti-United States, Sunni Deobandi sectarian-turned-jihadi group, has let loose a reign of terror against the Shi’ite minority.

In its latest attack, the LeJ on Tuesday killed 13 Shi’ites traveling on a bus to work in Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan province. The attackers forced the Shi’ites off the bus, made them stand in a line and then opened fire.

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  1. We ofcourse condemn any terror attacks, whether the victims are Sunni, Shiah, Christian or whatever… murder is murder..

    Innalillahe wa inna alaehe rajeoon.

    We all are from Allah and to Him we all return.

  2. This moral, social and spiritual chaos may be the result of not accepting the Messiah, prophesied by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him. Here let me present, PROMISED MESSIAH’S ANALYSIS OF THE ROOT CAUSE OF VIOLENCE IN MULLAHS:

    A very detrimental belief that is profoundly hurting the spirituality in Islam is that the Mullahs are awaiting a bloody Mahdi who will soon after his appearance submerge the world into violence and bloodshed. These are the signs that they subscribe for their imaginary Messiah also that as soon as he descends from the heaven that he will start killing the non-believers, and only those will be saved who will become Muslim. Men with such beliefs can never be sincere with others; even traveling alone with such believers is risky business, lest they should kill you thinking that you are a nonbeliever, while they are in total denial of their own disbelief! Always remember that to call these absurd ideas as root of Islam and attribute them to the Holy Quran is preposterous.

    Read further:

    Click to access eGazette-Oct2008.pdf

  3. Respected Mr Z Shah is very right in pointing out the “Bloody Messiah Concept” occupying the minds of Deobandi (Wahabi Muslims). Here one obligation lies on all of us also who reside in free West to make the Western leaders understand the “Bloody Messiah” conceptual problem disturbing the minds of these Deobandis/Wahabis. As long concrete efforts by all Muslim/Non-Muslim Communities to remove this misconception will not be made, these idiots will keep on committing such massacres.

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