Al-Makkiah: The multicultural Saudi Arabia

Architect Sami Angawi and Italian Consul General listening to Hijazi musicians.


Saudi Arabia is generally associated with the idea of a closed society, eager to preserve its own traditions from external cultural influences. For different reasons, Western countries too are starting to suffer from fear of cultural contamination. However, even in such peculiar context, it is possible to find personalities like Architect Sami Angawi who try to reassert the importance of enhancing the common cultural heritage shared by western and Islamic societies and the risks of a theoretical construct based on the “clash of civilizations.”

The concept of balance, known in Arabic as “Mizan,” is the essence of Islamic tradition and of many religious beliefs. The aspiration of Angawi to reflect this principle in his life and works has spontaneously generated in him a multicultural approach to reality: “You have to see things from different perspectives to reach balance and refuse the idea of conflict as predestination. You cannot use a one-sided scale.”



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